23 December 2010

December Daily - Day Twenty-One

Candi and I ran 5.5 miles Tuesday morning. I tried to capture myself post-run. Can you overlook my messy bathroom.

I might have worn Tassie out for a minute. She likes to run. 

Baxter sleeps on the bathrug while I take a shower. 

Fast forward to end of day. As soon as I get to the daycare and see Anna I can tell something is wrong.

"What's wrong?" She points to her throat. Uh oh. I touch her forehead. Clearly running a fever.

"She has a fever!" I look at the daycare girl.

"She just told me she was cold so I told her to put her coat on," the daycare-girl-who-clearly-doesn't-have-any-children says to me.

"She's sick." I say, annoyed with this "babysitter" who is there at the end of the day.

At home the thermometer says 103 something. We decide she has strep and Kevin pulls antibiotics out of the cabinet.

Carter wants chinese food and I agree because I don't want to be busy making dinner when I might need to take care of Anna.

When Carter and I go to pick it up I see this sign in the window at the nail salon next door. It makes me laugh.

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