12 December 2010

December Daily - Day Twelve

Snow! The glittery kind that is dry and doesn't stick and just dusted the ground. With all the wind it built up a few drifts around the front door. The kids wanted to go outside immediately. I got them to wait until about 10 am. I haven't bought any new snow pants or boots this year. We made do with last year's snowpants and tennis shoes.

"I'm gonna make a big pile of snow and then jump in it!" Carter announced before they headed out.

Baxter LOVED his first snow. Pouncing around like a kitty cat, laying in the snow, running, rolling and happy as could be.

The kids used their kid-sized snow shovel and scooped the snow onto the dogs.

Upon coming back in (because they were too cold with very rosy cheeks) Anna said "Off to the hideout" and so they were off to play upstairs and begin the day of sibling annoyance.

Kevin finished the closet and I began putting all the clothes back in.

Looking in from the bathroom.

3 laundry hampers, hidden. 
Ironing board, also hidden. 

To the right, to the right... of the hampers.

My shoes.

My side (to the right of the door as you come in, almost looking back into the bathroom)

To the left, to the left... of the back wall and hampers.

Kevin's wall, opposite my shoe wall.

Carter slammed his door one too many times and lost it. The door that is. I'm sure that happened to me when I was younger but I think I was 11, not 4.

Sunday is taco night. However, it is so cold that the pipes in the kitchen are frozen so I can't do dishes.

I think Anna is coming down with a cold and starting to run a fever.

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