30 July 2008

Out of Town Guests

I think the best motivation for me to complete some unfinished items around the house is out of town guests. ETA four weeks. Can't wait to see them! But it is definitely the swift kick in the ass i've been needing.

- Paint the bathroom to match our bedroom (yes the bedroom I painted last thanksgiving)
- Clean carpets upstairs
- Organize guest bedroom and put together the entertainment center in the room (moved from the main floor when kevin finished our new imitation but better pottery barn furniture)
- Hang some pictures

I also noticed there are weeds overtaking our "garden" area leading up to our front door. Luckily the hostas are getting ready to bloom on the opposite side so you can just look that way, ha.

Sounds really exciting eh?

28 July 2008

Baseball PM

We went to the Royals game on Saturday night. I'm not sure exactly what inning it was when it started raining. Then it poured. By the time we got to the car we were completely drenched.

After we got into the car (we had parked at the very back so it was a long walk and almost started hailing)...

Carter: Wet

Anna: I'm soaked!

It was like we had taken our clothes out of the washing machine and put them on.

Anna: My pigtails are like Wendy from Peter Pan (as she is turning her head from side to side).

So we headed to our house and played Settlers and Spades. Somehow Candi and I were up in Spades 300 to 10 and managed to lose something like 500 to -300. It went downhill fast.

Then we got up the next morning and went out to breakfast for Sausage Biscuits and Gravy at a local cafe. Yum.

Baseball AM

26 July 2008

24 July 2008

Day Off

Get car registered to renew tags. Check.

Call in for conference call for work. Check.

Locate last two years property taxes. Check.

Trip to Children's Orchard to look for fall clothes for Carter. Check. (best surprise find here was a $3 Chiefs Cheerleader outfit for Anna)

Put away at least 4 loads of laundry. Check.

Start two more. Check.

Put away and do another load of dishes. Check.

Didn't quite make it to these items:

Vaccuum chunks of sonar hair that is everywhere.

Move highchair to basement.

23 July 2008

Little things going on in our lives this week...

Anna had a field trip to Tunnel Voyage today.

Carter officially loves trains.

Carter didn't cry when I dropped him off at daycare this morning.

I attempted the new recipe from Alton Brown for tuna croquettes. They were too wet but did manage to stay together to be sauteed. If they fell apart we were going to order pizza. It was close.

We have zucchinis nearly the size of Carter growing like crazy in our garden.

Anna has been wearing her dance costume around the house everyday after she gets home from daycare.

Kevin had lasiks last week. Goodbye glasses. Speaking of glasses - mine are missing.

My mom took me out to lunch today.

I'm making an appointment to get the kids pictures taken. I am way past due.

Tassie was up at 3 am licking the dirty dishes on the counter.

I'm looking at hotels and flights to plan a trip to Vegas!

21 July 2008


Feeling disorganized and behind in my home life. Laundry everywhere. Toys everywhere. Dishes everywhere (well everywhere in the kitchen). Just stuff. stuff and stuff.

The result of working too much. I am only required to work 32 hours a week. 38 last week and 41 the week before. Plus the all day wedding this past Saturday didn't help.

Now. I could work on some of these chores. But I'm headed to bed. I'm tired.

Carter had a terrible two day. It started the minute I got him out of bed. Fussy. I think those four eye teeth were bothering him. And Anna threw a fit at dinner because she didn't want to drink milk but I wouldn't get her anything else because I was eating.

My day off this week is planned for a car inspection and then the DMV to register my car again for the next two years. Hopefully this won't take all day.

Overall, I'm rather bleh today.

20 July 2008

Family Photo

My cousin got married yesterday. Good opportunity for a family photo.

16 July 2008

What Do You Do When You're Married?

Anna: "I got married to Liam [last name reserved for privacy] at school today."

[she got a ring from the treasure box, hence the marriage I think]

Me: "Is he your boyfriend?"

Anna: "Yes."

Kevin: "What do you do when you're married?"

Anna: "Drink."

- insert laughter from me and kevin -

Kevin: "That sounds about right."

Me: "What do you drink?"

Anna: "Milk."


13 July 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

After I drug myself out of bed this morning after the kids had already been up for almost two hours and Kevin left for work, I let the dog out and realized what a gorgeous day it is. 65 and not a cloud in the sky.

I called Candi to see if we could come over and she would join us for a walk around the lake where she lives. She said that sounded delightful.

We loaded up the crew and headed down the path. About five minutes into our walk and after I had said I spy something brown and fuzzy the woman with the two dogs asked us if we had a cell phone she could use. A man in a minivan was following her and we could see him parked up the street. Apparently her dog had pooped near his yard and even though she promised to come back and clean it up because she didn't have a bag, he felt the need to follow her to her house to make sure she did it.


So we called 911 and she was connected to the local Police Dept. He pulled up next to us and it was this old man who clearly had too much time on his hands. He thought we were calling someone to come get the poop. Crazy old man. We're calling the cops on you, freak. You can't follow a woman who is alone to her house. At what point in your mind does this seem like a logical idea? Why didn't you just offer her a grocery bag?

Anyway, she got off the phone and we were on our way and assumed the cops would find her. She had given them his license plate number so either way it would work out.

We had the best walk. We got to see a few boats but overall the lake was really calm and peaceful and we even got to see a mommy duck and her 9 new baby ducklings. So cute.

We're planning an afternoon of scrap-happiness.

07 July 2008

"Do Princesses Eat Broccoli?"

Yes, I believe they do.

These are the type of questions I answer every day.


Ordered 125 pictures off Kodak Gallery yesterday so I'm going to be ready to scrap it up soon. Anyone up for another scraptacular party? Will anyone show up this time? If not that's ok, Candi and I are perfectly happy just scrapping together :)

I'm getting ready to order some boy and/or blue letters and embellishments. I realized I do not have any to scrap pages of Carter.

I will also be doing a minibook of Carter's birth. Yes he's 18 months old and I just ordered prints from his birth.


Carter has a chunky, thick foot. My trip to the Stride Rite Outlet was a strike out when they didn't have any sandals left in his size. My trip to the regular Stride Rite store this weekend was a strike out when they couldn't get their sandals to fit right and suggested I get him a 2X Wide which they are the only ones who make and didn't have at that store.

So..... I ordered this pair off of Zappos last night. Cross you fingers they will work. They are sold out of all the cute colors in his size, go figure. If they don't fit it's free shipping both ways. Wanna know where Kevin's gets all my cute shoes? Zappos.com. They have the largest selection so far in Carter's size of 6W.

As an internet addict I thought it was clever that they asked me to read their blog or become a fan of their facebook page (which I did) after I placed an order. This is where I discovered they have a new site that you can use - zeta.zappos.com. Clever. And looks way better.

05 July 2008

Go America

Happy 4th of July!
Left to right: Sam, Alex, Carter, Anna, Me

Kevin and Anna

Candi and Alex

Anna holding a sparkler

Ben holding Carter

Anna rescues a parachute

Outlet Mall Shopping

We saw Wall-E with my friend Kim and her boy Julian who is just six weeks younger than Anna (and about 10 pounds bigger). Then we ate lunch and poor Kim had to go because her youngest has been sick all week and her mom needed to be relieved.

We met up with Candi and her little boy Alex

at the Legends Outlet Mall because Anna and Carter needed new shoes. We found two pair at just $15 each for Anna at the Stride Rite Outlet but they were all out of sandals for Carter in his size. We picked up a pair for this winter but I still need to find a pair of sandals in the next half size up to get us through the rest of the summer.

We also hit the sidewalk sale at the Carters outlet. Every store should have a hopscotch game on the floor in front and a lego table in the back.

Then Anna had her first sleepover for a birthday party for one of her friends from daycare. They said she did great!

01 July 2008

He Shoots He Scores

I stayed home with Carter yesterday since he had pink eye. He was yelling MOMMY from the dining aka play room so I headed in to see what he needed. I thought I would be capturing the mommy mommy mommy momma momma mom stewie video.


Lately, Carter sounds like he has a British accent.