23 July 2008

Little things going on in our lives this week...

Anna had a field trip to Tunnel Voyage today.

Carter officially loves trains.

Carter didn't cry when I dropped him off at daycare this morning.

I attempted the new recipe from Alton Brown for tuna croquettes. They were too wet but did manage to stay together to be sauteed. If they fell apart we were going to order pizza. It was close.

We have zucchinis nearly the size of Carter growing like crazy in our garden.

Anna has been wearing her dance costume around the house everyday after she gets home from daycare.

Kevin had lasiks last week. Goodbye glasses. Speaking of glasses - mine are missing.

My mom took me out to lunch today.

I'm making an appointment to get the kids pictures taken. I am way past due.

Tassie was up at 3 am licking the dirty dishes on the counter.

I'm looking at hotels and flights to plan a trip to Vegas!

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