03 January 2011

Science City at Union Station - Kansas City

This past weekend I had a "mommy day" with the kids. First we went to Kaleidescope at Hallmark, then we ate at Crayola Cafe at Crown Center. Then Anna really wanted to go to Science City at Union Station. We had never been to Science City before. I thought it was geared towards older kids to understand science.

I was really shocked. There were all kinds of hands-on activities and "rooms" for the kids to play. Like a train table.

And a classroom

 And rolling balls

And indoor miniature golf 

And an entire airplane inside 

And a tree house

And a sky bike (no, that's not Anna) 

And a floor maze

They loved it. It was so cool. So cool, that I decided to put my day's ticket costs towards a membership. If we go two more times in a year it will pay for itself. That also let them ride the train for free then. And we also did the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit one more time (it leaves this month).

After they got off of this train ride Anna told me that that kid behind Carter was being mean to him. "I had to say 'Stop being mean to my brother'" she told me. "That's the first time I ever had to say that."

I told her I was so proud of her for saying that. And that if someone was doing that to a friend or another kid she should do the same thing. I hear all these stories in the news about bullying and how it is one piece of life that parents need to be better at teaching their kids how to handle.

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