26 December 2007

My gift to new parents

After assembling several more toys this morning (and over the past few days) I've decided my gift to new parents should include 1) lots of batteries 2) a screw driver 3) a pair of wire cutters.

It looks like Christmas threw up at our house again. The trash already came today and I have enough for them to come again.

Santa Claus Came To Town

20 December 2007


We are officially done with bottles, baby food and formula. Packed up and out of the kitchen. Yea! My bag just got a little lighter.

19 December 2007

Christmas Program

2007 Christmas Program at Daycare

Anna's Dance Recital

Carter approves

18 December 2007

Wow, Way Behind

Ok, it's been way too long since I've posted an entry. I've been really busy working on the memory album for my grandparents. I hope to scan some of the pages and post them for you to see. In the meantime, here's what's good in my world.

The Grandview Triangle Project is finished. This means nothing to you if you aren't from KC, but if you are you know how life changing this event is. Something like three years (or more?) in the making.

It snowed but it's been too cold to play in it. This also delayed my ability to go shopping this weekend - a travesty. Will have to make up for it on Thursday this week.

And not-so-good in my world...

When it snows Sonar apparently thinks that the deck is the ground so he poops and pees right there on the deck. This means that today when everything was melting I got to clean up crap all over the deck. This was so that I could put Tassie on the deck so I could clean up all the puke in her area by the garage. I think she ate some of the insulation (since she ate through the sheetrock) and it made her sick. She hasn't fully tunnelled through to the garage but I suspect it's just a matter of time. This was all discovered when I got home from picking up Carter from daycare because he had explosive diarheaa.

I'm looking forward to the four Christmases we have planned. They start on Saturday and end on Christmas day.

11 December 2007

Watching movies is exhausting

And by the way - I found a box of diapers upstairs. So not sure if that means I've lost my mind even more, or if it's making its way back.

Hello mind? You can come back now.

I've lost my mind. If you've seen it will you tell it to go back home soon. I really do miss it.

Since it left I was unable to remember to buy diapers. And now I am stuck at home in an ice storm.

10 December 2007

Announcing SnapdragonPaperie.com

My best friend Molly has launched her website and it is awesome! Check it out.

04 December 2007


Kevin did some Christmas wrapping today of gifts for moi. The tags say From Carter and From Annika.

So when Anna spotted the gifts under the tree right away she looked at the tags.

her: "This one's for me!"

me: "Well that one is to mommy, from Annika."

her: "No, it says for Annika."

me: "It says to Cara."

her: "Well it almost says Annika."

03 December 2007

Manic Monday

If I had theme music today it would have been Cyndi Lauper's Manic Monday. It started around 12 am when Carter decided to start crying. After three 30 min increments where I thought I had him back to sleep and then trying the cry-himself-back-to-sleep idea, and give him Motrin idea and - damn we couldn't find the benadryl idea - which all didn't work last night, I got up and slept with him in the guest bedroom. He wanted to lay on my chest and listen to my heartbeat. Which was sweet but also not comfortable for me in any way. Finally he fell asleep and I rolled him over and slept next to him. For all of four hours.

I then had to take the kids to daycare because Kevin was really busy at work. I was doing well until I went to find a sheet for Carter and couldn't. I pulled last week's from the dirty clothes, smelled it and folded it and put it in his backpack. I then realized I had to wash bottles because we had used a few in the middle of the night trying to get him to go back to sleep and I didn't have enough clean ones to send to school. THEN I realized I am the mother who is supposed to bring the whole milk to his room this week. (the daycare uses 2% milk but the AAP recommends whole milk for brain development. a few of the moms are in agreement so we rotate who brings a gallon instead of each bringing a half gallon which ends up going half unused.) I ended up taking our 3/4 full gallon rather than stopping on the way. Now, if I could stop at the gas station by the daycare and leave the kids in the car I would have totally gotten this but because there are freakshows who steal cars with babies and I would have gotten reported and arrested I took our partially used gallon instead.

Carter had serious separation anxiety with me leaving him. I looked at one of the other moms and said "I'm having one of those mornings where I wonder why I'm working." "Yea I asked to go part time. This is really hard." Her kids are the same ages as mine. Then she said "I'm late. I'm always late." Ditto on that one. Blame it on the sheet-bottle-milk inconveniences today.

So I got in the car and started crying. I decided to go to McD's because it's free coffee day right? Apparently not since they charged me for it. Since I was teary I didn't want to argue about it.

The rest of the day got better as it went on. But it does make me think - is this really worth it? I mean, in the last few weeks I've completely forgotten to take Anna to dance and to go to her parent-teacher conference. And not even realized it until days afterwards. And this SATURDAY I have to give a 15 min. presentation for a client. So my mom has to come watch the kids and take Anna to dance for me. A Saturday presentation isn't really what I signed up for with two kids.

So bleh. manic monday.

Weekend Update

So after two attempts at getting a scanner to work I resulted to buying a new one. Yea! It came and I got it hooked up and have been scanning the old photos from my grandparents. I am hoping to make good progress on this memory book on Thursday when I am off and the kids are at daycare aka school.

On Saturday night I hosted a "scraptacular party." Thanks for coming Amanda because without you it would have been a usual Saturday night for me with Candi - which I would have been totally cool with also. Turns out, after all your friends have kids, it's really hard to get together. Kim couldn't come because her hubby was leaving to go out of town the next morning for work so he was packing, Susan couldn't come cause Cameron was clingy and Hether didn't show up I'm assuming because of something with one of her two kids, or maybe she didn't feel well since she's also pregos.

Candi's little boy was the life of the party.

Sunday we went out to my grandparents with the plans of collecting stories and possibly more pictures. But turned out lots of relatives planned to swing by so it was busy and I didn't make much progress on that front. I think I pretty much have everything I'm going to get. Enough with the organizing and planning, let's start scrapping!