31 May 2010

Carter gets a foul ball at the Royals game

Mike Aviles hit a foul ball to the seats a few rows behind us. The nice fan gave the ball to Carter. He was so excited. They love going to the games (although we did get a few complaints today because of the heat).

Royals Game from Cara on Vimeo.

Carter gets a foul ball hit by Mike Aviles

30 May 2010

Jiggle Jam at Crown Center

Yesterday I took the kids to Jiggle Gam at Crown Center.

Jiggle Jam at Crown Center from Cara on Vimeo.

Jiggle Jam 2010 at Crown Center in Kansas City

Carter rode this "train"

Then he waited...

While Anna got her face painted.

Then they played in the fountains to cool off.

And Anna got to meet Cinderella.

Mission accomplished. It is so rare that either of my kids take a nap much less both of them that this was definitely camera worthy and I would highly recommend Jiggle Jam, ha!

They were rewarded for their good behavior with these pillow pets that they were selling at the festival. I had never heard of them but Anna had seen a commercial. She picked the dolphin and Carter picked the monkey. They put them to good use right away.

27 May 2010

Carter wants a hot dog from Sluggerrr

On Tuesday we were at the Royals game and Sluggerrr did his usual hot dog launch. Carter really wanted one!

Carter wants a hot dog from Sluggerrr from Cara on Vimeo.

24 May 2010

Now that's a haircut you can set your watch by

It was 91 degrees outside today. Summer weather calls for a summer haircut.

23 May 2010

My Kids' Social Life

Apparently my kids have more of a social life than I do! We had three birthday invites for the weekend. One for Anna and two for Carter so I let him pick one between the two because I thought three in one weekend was too much.

Both had pinatas which are apparently made with super glue because we went through 25 kids at the first party before it was cracked and the kids never could bust it at the second party. And watch out! Once they break it's a free for all for the candy and these kids are serious about the candy.

The first party was for my friend Kim's boy Julian who turned six. It was a great pirate themed party.

The next day was a party for one of Carter's friends from daycare. It was a transformer themed party. Do you think a four year old really knows what transformers are? I don't think Carter has any idea.

Both were at parks so we got to enjoy the summer weather.

19 May 2010

Anna's Kindergarten Program

Today Anna had a Kindergarten program where they sang songs and she received her diploma.

Walking to the stage. She ended up being front and center and later she told me she was nervous. She kept chewing her fingernails.

Her kindergarten class:

All the kindergarten classes together:

Just received her diploma:

Anna and her teacher (who is expecting a baby):

Carter's Dentist Appointment

Today Carter had his scheduled concious sedation to have his cavity filled. We didn't tell him where we were going. We only said he was getting to have a "mommy-daddy" day which he thought was way cooler than going to daycare. We arrived at the dentist office and right away he had to go to the bathroom. In the stall he asked me if there were dentists here. I said I think so. He was still perfectly fine.

The nurse came to call us back to get his weight. As soon as he saw kids in chairs and heard the suction noise he freaked out and stood behind my leg and would not go near the scale. I ended up having to hold him and weigh with him and without him to get his weight by subtracting the two. He was bawling.

We went back and the nurse tried to reward him with a sticker for each step, listening to his heart, putting the clip on his finger to get his pulse, taking his blood pressure. He was just crying as hard as he could in my lap the whole time. She asked if he'd had a traumatic experience and I told her no, we've never been able to even get him to sit in the chair.

He did calm down long enough to ask for a tissue. I gave him the medicine via syringe. I told him "maybe it tastes like bubblegum" but found out it actually tastes horrible. We then went out to the lobby and waited about 10 minutes for him to get loopy. It was funny. He would turn and look at something and then smile and giggle as if he was seeing something that wasn't there.

They took him back and said he did great. They took xrays and said he didn't have any other problems. They cleaned his teeth and filled the cavity. Voila done. While we were waiting Kevin told me this is exactly how he was and that one time a doctor sent them to the ER to get his temperature taken because he wouldn't open his mouth. Like father like son I guess.

He felt like he weighed a ton of bricks. I couldn't even carry him to the car. They gave him a slushy when he was done and drank that the whole way home. I think he was starving from not being able to eat anything since dinner the night before.

I don't think he remembers anything which is good. I had a hard time getting him to stay still. We watched Ice Age 3 for awhile but then he wanted to go up and down the stairs and even jump on the trampoline and he was still wobbly and I was afraid we would end up going to the ER for stitches.

What did he say about it later? "The medicine did NOT taste like bubblegum mommy."

Next appointment is December and hopefully he will sit in the chair to have a normal cleaning and we won't have to do sedation again. Cause that part is not covered by insurance of course.

09 May 2010

Anna Birthday Pictures

Anna's birthday celebration they day we got back from Vegas. With Kevin's mom, Kevin, me and Carter.

Homemade cake from Grandma

She can read her own cards this year. Very cool. This one from Grandma sings. Can you tell she got a Hoola Hoop from Grandma?

We gave her a new Mario game for her DS.

The following Saturday we celebrated with a party at Paradise Park. I highly recommend it. They took care of everything. Even playing with the kids.

We had a good turnout.

Here she gets a Baby Alive doll from uncle Ben.

They "grocery shopped" to play together.

Cooking class.

Royals Opening Day Pictures

I had posted a video from opening day but am just getting around to posting the pictures...

03 May 2010

Vacation - Saturday - The Derby

Saturday. Derby Day. I'm feeling mostly better.

It's raining lightly. We take pictures under an overhang before we leave the hotel.

After just a few races and right after I take my poncho off it starts really raining. Ugh. Candi and I sit and get soaked. Really soaked. Where my hat was so wet it just dripped and dripped off the sides. So wet I didn't want to get up because my chair would get wet again and it was so crowded in the covered areas I was claustrophobic. I ask Kevin to get me a drink. He leaves and comes back three times without one. I start to get really grumpy. We contemplate getting a cab. Seriously.

Finally we get some drinks. Then there was an hour and half break before the Derby race. The boys take us up to the concessions and we each scarf down two hot dogs and a thing of nachos. I'm feeling better. We get more drinks.

We don't win.

We drink some more and go to a party where we are clearly much younger and much more intoxicated. We see their 15 year old sneaking beer and vodka. I try to teach him beer before liquor never been sicker but he's not interested.

We somehow accidentally get locked out on the deck and get the giggles even more.

We call it a night and get up at 6:30 to hit the road at 7 am. I sleep for the first four hours and then Kevin wakes me up to drive. Apparently I even slept through the thunderstorm and pounding rain that had him driving with the hazards on at 30 mph and other cars pulled over. I was really tired. Not a very restful vacation but really good times with really good friends and some really good memories.

Vacation - Friday - The Oaks

Day two of vacation was The Oaks - or as I like to call it: The Day Before the Derby. The weather was gorgeous. If only I hadn't been recovering from the stomach flu. I was dehydrated but afraid to drink too much water. Everyone else got drunk. At one point I tried to go to first aid because I thought I was going to pass out and Candi said I was really pale, but we couldn't get the elevator to come so we just went back to our seats.

After I ate a cookie around 1 pm I felt much better.

I was then approached by a local TV reporter to be interviewed about my shoes.
"Who are you wearing?"
- "Carlos Santana."

"Where did you get them?"
- "Zappos.com"

and a few other small details.

I now feel MUCH better :)

Shortly after that Candi sees an elderly woman start to pass out. Kevin go help her I'm saying. He and Sam went over and got her laid down until the paramedics came. That was kind of crazy.

We all keep laughing at the girls in the section above us who are standing next to the railing not realizing we can all see up their dresses and all their glory.

At almost the end of the afternoon Candi feels something wet and we realize one of these girls has just puked beer over the side of the railing and mostly all over the people in the box next to us.

So gross.

That night we were invited to another party at one of Stephanie's friends' house. I eat my first meal in 24 hours. On the way back to the hotel Candi and I stop at a gas station and I buy Tums, Pepto tablets, PowerAde and gum.

It's Friday and I finally get my first mostly full night's sleep since Monday. I was exhausted.

Vacation - Wednesday and Thursday

Original plans: Leave Wednesday morning at 8 am. Arrive in Louisville around 3 pm.

I stayed up on Tuesday night till 1:30 am working to get things caught up before leaving for the rest of the week. Around 2:00 am Carter came down and asked to watch cartoons. It's the middle of the night Carter, let's go back to bed. 2:30 am Kevin puts his arm around me and asks why there is a child in our bed. I don't really care, I've had 15 minutes of sleep and am "out."

About that time we hear coughing and I feel something wet and lift Carter up as he pukes all over our bed. I ended up being up with him for the next three hours and then falling asleep for a very short while.

6:30 am change of plans for vacation. We stayed at home until my mom could come over around 4 pm. I took a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon. She stayed with the kids until Kevin's mom arrived around 7 pm. We arrived in Louisville at 2 am got to bed around 3 am. Got up at 6:45 am. After hotel coffee and a McD's mocha I was able to speak. I have now had less than 7 hours of sleep in two nights.

We went to the Maker's Mark distillery that morning.

I had more coffee. The boys dipped their own bottles.

We got to try the new 46 bourbon.

We took the tour and the guide told us about 46 and that it doesn't even exist on site. We all felt very special and knew he was lying.

We ate lunch and had margaritas at a Mexican restaurant and did some shopping in the Bardstown area.

We had some more drinks back at the Mexican restaurant.

We had a delicious dinner and dessert out that night. Drinks back at the hotel and then to bed.

2 am I wake up sick. On the toilet with the trash can in my lap kind of sick. I have what Carter had. I'm up every hour until we have to wake up at what seemed like an ungodly hour to me at this point. At this point I decide I am not going to throw up anymore and don't have to go to the bathroom more than once an hour so I can probably go to The Oaks.