29 June 2009

It's not a weenie

While sitting on the potty tonight Carter called his "thingy" a weenie.

Me: "It's not a weenie, it's a penis"
Carter: "It's not a penis, it's a weenie"
Me: "It's not a weenie, it's a penis"
Carter: "It's not a penis, it's a weenie"
Me: "It's not a weenie, it's a penis"
Carter: "It's not a penis, it's a weenie"
Me: "Who calls it a weenie?"
Carter: "Not me"
Me: "It's a penis"
Carter: "It's not a weenie, it's a penis"
Me: "Right"

I'm pretty sure it's his teacher in the new room he moved to that is calling it a weenie. I'm pretty sure tomorrow they will have the above conversation but Carter will be me and his teacher will be him. I can just hear him "It's not a weenie, it's a penis!"

You just never know what conversation you're going to have with a 2 year old.

21 June 2009

Worst Wedding Shower Gifts EVER

Yesterday Anna and my mom and I went to a wedding shower for my cousin. Worst wedding shower I have ever been to, speaking from my cousin's point of view, in my opinion. It was a "Pantry Shower" which I've never been to but they requested everyone bring items to stock her pantry. Seriously. bring food? I couldn't believe what people gave her. I took the notes of the gifts so believe me, I saw it all.

Bathroom shower spray cleaner
Laundry detergent
Lemon ammonia
and on and on.

Seriously, you think a bride wants cleaning supplies for her shower? What planet are you from? Especially when her registry was still very unfulfilled.

I took a set of 5 nesting bowls from Crate and Barrel plus a recipe book for 500 cupcakes. Then we added a bag with a muffin tin, and the ingredients to make the cupcakes - self rising flower, super fine sugar, real vanilla, confectioners sugar, and pink sprinkles, etc. But I still would have rather gotten more kitchen items than food and I only bought the food because I felt the need to comply with the theme.

The best gift was a dutch oven calphalon pan from her future mother in law. But that was in another league from the other stuff she got. Amazing and ridiculous.


Today I took the kids to the new pool in Lee's Summit complete with slides, lazy river and kiddie area to wear the kids out. We met Candi and Alex and everyone had a great time. Carter was scared to death of the inner tube for the lazy river - of all things. Until Candi took Anna and Alex and then of course he wanted to go and had a great time. He did the blue slides over and over and over again and Anna did the red slide over and over and over. Carter did the red slide twice but it was one of those enclosed slides and a lot more water at the end, plus a lot more water getting to it, so twice was enough for him. Anna was like a fish the entire time!

Kidney Stone Update

Wednesday afternoon I had lithotripsy to basically sandblast the kidney stone that was 7mm x 3.5 mm. My hip is bruised and the first layer of skin was kind of raw in a small spot but I was drugged so it didn't hurt too much at the time.

Afterwards I was really sick. Super nauseaus in the recovery room. For 2 1/2 hours. Everyone else in there was annoying the hell out of me. Some guy was supposed to eat so they were talking about all this food. yogurt, ice cream, steak, baked potatoes. I wanted to throw up all over him. Another woman had just had a hysterectomy and kept moaning. I wanted them to put her out of her misery. They gave me some anti-nauseau medicine but it didn't do anything. I drank one sip of sprite and threw up what clear liquids were left in my stomach, which wasn't much. The room was spinning. I was so sick I couldn't turn my head left or right or look slightly up or down. It was awful. Finally something stronger made me not so sick to my stomach.

Then I basically fell asleep in the car on the way home. Kevin moved me to the couch and then to bed. I woke up feeling ok and went to work all day Thursday to kick off a big new project.

I don't feel like I've passed anything. Last night (Saturday) was the worst I'd felt since last Sunday but it was much more manageable than last week so I took a pain pill and it seemed to go away. It is still achy today. I go back to the doctor in about 10 days to see if it is gone.

15 June 2009

Trip to the Dr turned into a 3 1/2 hour event

Last Sunday I had some pain in my back right side but I thought it was just from working in the yard and getting old. It was so bad I couldn't walk but I laid on the couch, took some ibuprofin and an hour later I was fine.

Fast forward one week to yesterday. Last night I got out of bed around 10:30 to use the bathroom and on my way back to bed I said to Kevin "My back is starting to hurt like it did last Sunday."

It went from bad to worse and pretty soon I was crying and laying on the chaise lounge, the couch, the floor. I wanted to throw up and the ibuprofin and tylenol did nothing. At 1 am we raided the medicine cabinet but came up empty handed. I thought for sure we had some percocet or something leftover from my c-sections. I contemplated going to the ER but didn't think I could make the car ride there since I was having so much trouble getting comfortable. I contemplated dropping the kids off at Sam and Candi's on the way. Kevin made me a huge ice pack and at some point after 1:30 I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up at 4:30 with Sonar circling me because a thunderstorm blew in and he now freaks out when there is thunder and lightening. I locked him up front and realized I pretty much felt fine. It was just a dull ache in my back now.

I got ready to go to work and Kevin mentioned that maybe I should call my dr. On my way to work I called and they could get me in right away so I just drove there. She did a urine culture and said she thought I had a kidney stone and I need a CT scan. My dr's office is connected to the hospital so I walked across to Radiology.

I waited 2 1/2 hours to have the CT done. I watched the Price is Right with Drew Carey and listened to the conversations of the 70-ish crowd talk about how they thought he'd gained weight since he started the show but he has been a good replacement to Bob Barker. Then we watched the entire Obama address to the physicians about the healthcare revamp and I got to listen to them mutter under their breath about how they wouldn't be here in 20 years bla bla bla.

Apparently there are 2 CT machines in radiology there but they got backed up because the others "weren't going well." something about a biopsy. I dunno. I just know it took forever. I watched them deliver a stack of pizzas and leave and wanted to ask if I could just have a slice. All I'd had was a mocha and it was now 12:15.

Finally it was done and I got the results about an hour later. Two or three small stones on my left side - which isn't even bothering me right now. And a big one on my right side - 7mm x 3.5mm. I have an appointment with a urologist tomorrow morning to find out what they will do. I'm hoping tonight is less eventful than last night.

And I'm hoping this is all resolved soon. We kick off a big project that I'm very excited about this week and I'm already missing the meeting with the CEO tomorrow. They have a team flying in on Thursday for some all-day meetings I don't want to miss.

10 June 2009

Just Say Yes or No

Tonight Carter and I were playing catch outside and he decided he wanted to bat. I got the bat out of the garage because it was behind a mountain of toys and Anna got mad because SHE wanted to get the bat and I didn't let her. I tried to tell her I got it because I didn't want her to get hurt. "I never get hurt doing that."

She told me she was going to run away. to run away from this city.

ok i said.

and she proceeded to run around the house.

Later I was trying to put Carter to bed and she asked me if she could have ice cream (she saw Kevin having ice cream downstairs). I told her she could go ask daddy and he would get her some, but I was busy putting Carter to bed. She got mad and said she wasn't going to be my friend anymore or eat dinner with me anymore. Her favorite saying right now is

"Just say yes or no." If I say "maybe," or "we'll see" she says "Just say yes or no."

I have been trying to explain that sometimes it isn't as simple as yes or no, or that whatever she is asking for may be dependent on other things, like having good behavior.

I think we may need to start a star chart or put some "stars" in a jar and start taking some away for bad behavior or something. Ideas ??

She is a piece of work. Running away and hating me and she isn't even in kindergarten yet. What will she bring home from school!?

04 June 2009

It's gonna be a long 13 years

Anna had a rough day. She had a root canal and two filling at 11 am. She was understandably fussy after that until we ran an errand at Target and got her some motrin. Followed by lunch she was slightly better.

Tonight after dinner we played hide and seek outside. She wanted to hide one last time but when I found her apparently that wasn't really her hiding place.

Full meltdown temper tantrum complete with screaming. "I'm not picking up ANY toys!" Punishment #1 for this behavior, pick up all the toys in the drive way and put them away.

Carter and I headed inside and started on baths. Kevin was letting her throw her fit outside but she was screaming so loud and throwing wood chips, he was afraid someone might come knock on the door so he brought her in.

Anna stomped up sat in the corner and proceeded to blow out her nose as hard as she could to profess her disgust.

She refused to get into the tub. I told her I would count to three and if she wasn't in the tub she would lose a privilege. I made it to three and she promptly lost the privilege of reading a book before bed (very important to her). She got into the tub, more disgusted. Then we had a conversation that went something like this.

Anna: "I hate you!"
Me: "Well I love you."
Anna: "I hate you!"
Me: "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I will always love you."
Anna: "Hate me!"
Me: "No, I love you."
Anna: "Hate me!"
Me: nothing
Anna: "I hate you as much as you love me!" repeated several times.
Anna: "I'm going to splash water on you and get you all wet." Followed by actually doing this.

Punishment #2 for this behavior, 4 minutes in timeout.

It's now time to get out of the bathtub but she doesn't want to because now she has to go to timeout. Refuses.

Punishment #3 for this behavior, 5 minutes in timeout. Still refuses. 6 minutes in timeout.

Me: "Do you want to make it 7?"
Anna: "I don't want to go to timeout"
Me: "Well you should have thought about that before you splashed me."
Anna: "I don't want to go to timeout"
Me: "Well those are the consequences for your behavior."

Dry her off, put on underwear, take her downstairs to timeout, meanwhile I go back up and get Carter's pjs on and into bed.

After she gets pjs on she asks for a book and I remind her she lost this privilege. Huge meltdown again. Crying uncontrollably and I can't understand anything she's saying until she calms down enough to tell me she just wanted to hear me count and that's why she didn't get in the tub. Sorry. We can read books again tomorrow.

Kevin finally had to go up and talk to her to get her to quit crying. Finally everyone is quiet.

Rough day for Anna.

03 June 2009

In All It's Glory

It's as tall as me. It costs as much as new car. And I think Anna is the new Trane model.