04 June 2009

It's gonna be a long 13 years

Anna had a rough day. She had a root canal and two filling at 11 am. She was understandably fussy after that until we ran an errand at Target and got her some motrin. Followed by lunch she was slightly better.

Tonight after dinner we played hide and seek outside. She wanted to hide one last time but when I found her apparently that wasn't really her hiding place.

Full meltdown temper tantrum complete with screaming. "I'm not picking up ANY toys!" Punishment #1 for this behavior, pick up all the toys in the drive way and put them away.

Carter and I headed inside and started on baths. Kevin was letting her throw her fit outside but she was screaming so loud and throwing wood chips, he was afraid someone might come knock on the door so he brought her in.

Anna stomped up sat in the corner and proceeded to blow out her nose as hard as she could to profess her disgust.

She refused to get into the tub. I told her I would count to three and if she wasn't in the tub she would lose a privilege. I made it to three and she promptly lost the privilege of reading a book before bed (very important to her). She got into the tub, more disgusted. Then we had a conversation that went something like this.

Anna: "I hate you!"
Me: "Well I love you."
Anna: "I hate you!"
Me: "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I will always love you."
Anna: "Hate me!"
Me: "No, I love you."
Anna: "Hate me!"
Me: nothing
Anna: "I hate you as much as you love me!" repeated several times.
Anna: "I'm going to splash water on you and get you all wet." Followed by actually doing this.

Punishment #2 for this behavior, 4 minutes in timeout.

It's now time to get out of the bathtub but she doesn't want to because now she has to go to timeout. Refuses.

Punishment #3 for this behavior, 5 minutes in timeout. Still refuses. 6 minutes in timeout.

Me: "Do you want to make it 7?"
Anna: "I don't want to go to timeout"
Me: "Well you should have thought about that before you splashed me."
Anna: "I don't want to go to timeout"
Me: "Well those are the consequences for your behavior."

Dry her off, put on underwear, take her downstairs to timeout, meanwhile I go back up and get Carter's pjs on and into bed.

After she gets pjs on she asks for a book and I remind her she lost this privilege. Huge meltdown again. Crying uncontrollably and I can't understand anything she's saying until she calms down enough to tell me she just wanted to hear me count and that's why she didn't get in the tub. Sorry. We can read books again tomorrow.

Kevin finally had to go up and talk to her to get her to quit crying. Finally everyone is quiet.

Rough day for Anna.


Carolyn said...

Oh, I am so sorry! We have had plenty of those arguments in our house...Most recently,ours was out in public...Taco Bueno. So embarrassing. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Kim said...

I feel your pain Cara! At least you weren't in public :-)