10 June 2009

Just Say Yes or No

Tonight Carter and I were playing catch outside and he decided he wanted to bat. I got the bat out of the garage because it was behind a mountain of toys and Anna got mad because SHE wanted to get the bat and I didn't let her. I tried to tell her I got it because I didn't want her to get hurt. "I never get hurt doing that."

She told me she was going to run away. to run away from this city.

ok i said.

and she proceeded to run around the house.

Later I was trying to put Carter to bed and she asked me if she could have ice cream (she saw Kevin having ice cream downstairs). I told her she could go ask daddy and he would get her some, but I was busy putting Carter to bed. She got mad and said she wasn't going to be my friend anymore or eat dinner with me anymore. Her favorite saying right now is

"Just say yes or no." If I say "maybe," or "we'll see" she says "Just say yes or no."

I have been trying to explain that sometimes it isn't as simple as yes or no, or that whatever she is asking for may be dependent on other things, like having good behavior.

I think we may need to start a star chart or put some "stars" in a jar and start taking some away for bad behavior or something. Ideas ??

She is a piece of work. Running away and hating me and she isn't even in kindergarten yet. What will she bring home from school!?


Stephanie said...

Great, something to look forward to:) I have not answers. Everything you say to her sounds great. Sooooo when you figure it out you can let me know!!!!

Kim said...

Wish I could help, Julian hates me quite frequently these days too.