13 May 2012

Carter Soccer 2011

I'm behind. Understatement of the year. Better late than never? Here's a recap of Carter's soccer from LAST YEAR :) He's a lot better this year, but still working on controling those emotions! I have visions that some day he'll be that player in the dugout that throws a temper tantrum kicking and throwing equipment all over the place.

18 March 2012

Meal Planning (week of 18 March 2012)

Sunday - Chicken enchiladas

Monday - Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches

Tuesday - Prosciutto wrapped chicken (Real Simple recipe) + asparagus

Wednesday - Mini Meatloafs and mashed potatoes

Thursday - Breakfast - pancakes and sausage

27 February 2012

Meal Planning 26 Feb 2012

Sunday - Grilled steaks (how awesome is it that we are grilling in KC in february)

Monday - Fettucinne with Quick Ragu + Garlic Bread

Tuesday - Maple Glazed Chicken

Wednesday - Stuffed peppers with leftover ragu from Monday

Thursday - Salisbury steak with butter noodles

08 January 2012

Meal Planning (week of 08 Jan 2012)

Sunday - Chicken with roasted vegetables (from this month's Cook's Country)

Monday - Greek chicken pitas with tzaziki sauce

Tuesday - Roasted corn quesadillas + Guac

Wednesday - Fettucinne + salad

Thursday - Slow cooker barbecue pulled pork sandwiches + beans

27 November 2011

Meal Planning (Week of 27 Nov 2011)

Ugh, I have been eating whatever I want and even tough I'm running 20 miles a week the scale shows it. Maybe I didn't need to have a cheeseburger, bratwurst AND hotdog at the tailgate yesterday. Time to plan some healthy meals.

Sunday: Going to try making this meatloaf recipe with turkey instead of beef and individual sizes so they will cook faster. We'll see how this goes. + a bag of steamed veggies with rice

Monday: Mustard roasted salmon + couscous with tomato, cucumber and feta

Tuesday: Chicken, artichoke and spinach calzone (from cook's country) with marinara sauce

Wednesday: Chicken Picatta

Thursday: Prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloin with herb pan sauce (from cook's country) + steamed veggies

11 October 2011

Our new deck!

Old deck gone. You can see the old patio and bricks they had.

Patio and bricks gone.
New patio.
Deck going up.
Arbor with end cuts
Ta da! We ate breakfast lunch and dinner on the new deck on Sunday with the beautiful weather we've been having!
We are still going to have the concrete stained and have some landscaping to do but other than that it is awesome!

Meal Planning (Week of 09 October)

Sunday - We grilled on our new deck (pictures coming soon) to celebrate my mom's 59th birthday

Monday - Anna had a cheerleading clinic so I fed them Subway

Tuesday - Steak Salad

Wednesday - Lasagna Rollups + Garlic bread

Thursday - Homemade Pizza

Friday - Anna is performing at the football game so we will probably eat something quick