30 March 2009

Fast Forward Five Days

I keep meaning to post but then it keeps turning out to be 10:30 and I should be in bed. But this one's good!

This is a drawing Anna did recently about camping. They learned all about camping that week at school - getting to nap in a tent in the room, making s'mores and more. I thought this drawing was pretty detailed compared to some of the others posted on the wall. Apparently there are special cars for camping. It looks more like a car with a rocket to me. Is this supposed to be a pop up camper? not sure.

Tonight at dinner Anna said something like "Mommy you are fabulous. You are funny and famous which means you are fabulous. Now say thank you." I'm not doing this quote justice but it was 4 hours ago and my brain isn't working very well by now.

The Kindergarten Round up meeting (am I the only one that pictures 5 year olds in cowboy hats being herded by someone swinging a lasso overhead everytime I hear this? seriously where does this name come from?) at the daycare last week consisted of me hearing a bunch of horror stories from parents who already have kids in the public school system. I'm still going to give it a shot - after all, it's free and I went to public school and I turned out ok, right? Ok, bad example. The daycare owner even said that they don't let kindergarteners checkout books with words from the library because they aren't supposed to be able to read. I don't know if this is true but I guess we'll find out.

Anyway - first I have to go on Thursday morning to prove I live near the appropriate elementary school and make an appointment to have her GLE (General Learning Exam) done. During that they take her away and test her on a bunch of stuff and then bring me back in and tell me how she scores. From what I can tell it doesn't really make a difference if they score high or low, everyone gets the same lessons in the kindergarten classroom. Did you know kindergarten isn't even required in the state of missouri?


Exercising does not make you feel better or have more energy or even make you lose any weight. These are my conclusions after working out for two weeks. I'm sticking with it to see if there is some sort of "hump" you have to power through - like smokers who are trying to quit. I also went back to the daily turkey sandwich for lunch starting today because that was the week I seemed to have lost 2 pounds. Would you believe I RAN 12 miles last week and didn't lose a pound!? wtf? ok well I did drink some rum and diets watching the bb games but still!


3 days till BRITNEY!!!!

25 March 2009

Carter Had a Better Day

When I picked up Carter today I was told he had a better day today. No smacking and no accidents today! Yay! I think this even means he made it through nap dry.

Would you believe I am going to a Kindergarten Round Up meeting tomorrow for Anna? My first baby will be 5 in just a few weeks.

I'm getting a filling at the dentist tomorrow plus a much needed pedicure.

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes and walked for 10.
Today I ran for 30 minutes and walked for 7 (hit snooze a few times first).

I totally believe in the delayed-reaction of weight which is why I think I gained back 2 pounds I'd lost (read all that crap I ate below) and hope it drops back down in a few days after all this running I'm getting back into.

What the hell is all this snow forecasted for this weekend!?

23 March 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I was on vacation for 4 days so sorry I didn't post anything. I took a vacation from the computer.

I ate a lot of crap on vacation. Here are just a few things I can think of
Sonic breakfast sandwich
chicken nachos
1/4 pounder with cheese and fries at McD
chicken alfredo spinach pizza
ruby tuesday's mini burgers and fries
sheridan's brownie bling pothole

So needless to say I gained back 2 of the 3 pounds I had lost. But I'm back on track as of yesterday. I took Tassie for a on hour run/walk but mostly run - 40 minutes. This morning I went over to Candi's and we walked 30 minutes. Oh on Saturday I did 10 sit ups and that was about all I could manage and my abs are still sore. very very sad. but true.


In other news someone has replaced my Carter with a devil child. On Thursday when I picked him up the daycare owner had a 20 min talk with me about his behavior. I am learning some new techniques. Apparently I need to learn love and logic and she gave me a book called "the new strong willed child." Carter is very strong willed. which i think is a nice way of saying stubborn, aggressive and likes to have his way. Add in potty training and he's a royal mess.

Hitting, "smacking" as they call it where he waves his arm at you as if he would hit you if you were close enough, saying NO a lot and - get this - spitting. He's very difficult and after the weekend I had I have with a complete meltdown in Target that reached new proportions of any temper tantrum I'd seen before I came to the conclusion I can no longer take him in public places until he gets his act together. He's been spending a lot more time sitting alone and I'm learning to make him do things on MY terms when he doesn't make the right choice.

That being said his teacher called me today and I think she has been part of the problem. So I had another chat with the daycare owner tonight to get his teacher on board. She has been inconsistent and let him win too many small battles in my mind. Long story short - I think he thinks he's in charge after what she told me today.

Potty training sucks ass. I cannot say this enough. I seriously might pay someone a lot of money if they can potty train my kid in less than a week. I define this as no more accidents during the day.

I currently have to wash his laundry every day now. I have to pack 6 pairs of underwear and 3 pairs of pants and shirts every day. And a new sheet and blanket. Every day. If I don't do the laundry every day then everything just smells like pee. Let me tell you there's nothing like opening up a grocery bag full of pee and poop soaked clothes at the end of a long hard day at work only to touch them and put them in the washing machine. bleh. I seriously do not get the concept of cloth diapers. i'm never really sure the "right" way to dispose of poop that is caked into clothing. on the bright side - daycare gets cheaper if they don't use diapers. and it's cheaper not to buy diapers.


Candi has a new DSLR camera and we documented our shopping extravaganza from Thursday. We left just as the sun was coming up to go to the outlet mall at the lake. When I get these pics I'll post. She also gave me a DVD for my birthday full of pics and videos of my kids that she's taken over the years. I can't wait to watch this and I hear there are some priceless ones that might need to get posted.

BTW - someone said they couldn't believe we were exercising at the ass crack of dawn but it's not even close to the crack of dawn when we exercise. It is still very very very dark and the sun doesn't come up until after I'm already back and had a shower. trust me.

Tomorrow is a 12 hour work day - Jeff had me enter us into a contest. Guess what. We won something. Now I have to go accept the award at a dinner. It's semi-formal but held after a day of a conference. WTF will these girls be wearing? I'm afraid I'll be over or underdressed.

17 March 2009


I've lost 2 pounds after exercising 8 times in the last 9 days. Yay! Progress. Of course I'll be happier when the total is larger but you have to start somewhere right.

It's been nice to walk outside in the mornings now that it isn't in the 30's at 6am. One more day and I'm on my own personal spring break - woo hoo!

In other news, my mom and aunt drove my grandpa and grandma to Mayo today for my grandpa to get a second opinion on the pain he has. He can't even walk from one room in the house to another. Personally I think it is his colon cancer that he is choosing not to treat, but I guess he thinks it's something else. I think we should know the outcome by the end of the week.

As if you care, today I ate
1/3 bottle G2
mixed fruit (pineapple, strawberries, canteloupe, grapes)
grande non fat light whip white mocha
large grilled chicken salad with ranch and cheese
ribeye steak, grilled veggies (peppers, mushrooms, onions, zuchinni), alfredo noodles from package
raspberry smirnoff ice

16 March 2009

This morning I'm with Carter in the bathroom...

This morning I'm with Carter in the bathroom and he's trying to pee and I'm pointing his wee wee into the toilet so it doesn't spray everywhere (like usual) and he's carrying on a conversation with me. Awkward it itself, I never know if I'm supposed to look at him or not look at him while he concentrating on peeing. But today he wasn't thinking much about peeing...

"Mommy go bye bye?"
"Yep, mommy's going to work today."
"Mommy go bye bye?"
"Yep, I'm going to work."
"Mommy go meeting?"

Nice. I think it's a bad sign when even your 2 year old knows you have too many meetings. lol.

On Sunday I took the kids to get new sandals at the Stride Rite outlet. It was a bad Carter day. Bad potty training, he never took a nap, poop on the wall. Not only did he poop in his bed (which already didn't have any sheets because he'd peed those) but he also peed in Anna's bed. Needless to say everyone now has clean sheets and I got to do some extra laundry. I'll stop there.

No exercise on Sunday. This morning I went to Candi's and we walked for 30 min. It is really dark at 6 am. That's my superior insight for this blog post.

Yesterday I ate
2 cups coffee with cream
turkey sandwich with mayo and cheese on whole wheat
large iced tea
1 bite of kids' cheese quesadilla
2 pieces lasagna
large salad with ranch
1 apple smirnoff ice

Today I ate
1/2 bottle orange G2
2 cups coffee with cream
mixed fruit - pineapple, strawberries, grapes, canteloupe
string cheese
2 pieces lasagna
diet dr pepper
half bag of microwave popcorn
salmon, broccoli and carrot mix, um lots of new potatoes with a sour cream and dill dip I made
smirnoff ice

15 March 2009

6 for 6

6 for 6 on days and exercising. Today I slept in and may take the day off, although if it warms up enough I might take the kids for a walk outside.

Already have my meal planning done for the week. Very excited - this is a 3 day week for me. Thursday Candi and I are taking our annual (this is the second year) trip to the Outlet mall. We scored some great deals this time last year on winter stuff plus got some great stuff for spring. Especially at the Jcrew outlet. The boys are off to watch all the bb games. Speaking of - YAY TIGERS!

Might head out to the outlet mall in KC today to get the kids sandals but not sure yet, it's quite a trek across town.

I would also like to sort through these bags and boxes of extra clothes someone gave me over the Christmas holiday and get those out of the hallway.

AND I'm getting motivated to paint the kitchen. I'd like to make it look like a Starbucks. I've even considered taking a bazillion paint swatches to various Starbucks to get the right colors. Usually they have each wall painted a different color and I think I will do this in the kitchen. I'm trying to find fabric to use for new kitchen chair pads and as a valance above the window. Having a hard time finding anything cute that isn't pink and will work with my "earthy" tones to resemble a starbucks. Maybe this one. Who could I go to to make the chair pads? I was thinking of asking someone on etsy.

My mom and I took the kids to a St. Patty's day parade yesterday then I took them to the park to play. Even though we put on sunscreen I think Carter and I got a little pink in the face. Kevin and I watched the worst movie last night - Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson. Just awful.

Friday walked 7 min, ran 20 min, walked 3 min on treadmill
Friday I ate not that great
Venti non fat light whip white mocha
Grilled chicken wrap with tomatoes, lettuce, parmesan cheese and ranch
1 small individual bag of jalepeno krunchers chips
diet dr pepper
sugar free red bull
3 chicken fajitas from On The Border with cheese, sour cream and guac. + chips and salsa and few bites of the rice and refried beans
diet coke

Saturday walked 4 min, ran 25 min, walked 3 min
Saturday I ate so-so
1 can caribou espress coffee - these are great cause they're only 100 calories
jr deluxe burger from sonic
tator tots
2 cheddar bites
large diet dr pepper with vanilla
handful of cashews
1/2 diet coke
grilled bbq chicken (i took the skin off), noodles, cheesy broccoli
1/2 diet coke + rum

Very excited that it will be 80 on Tuesday! Hm, I should get a pedicure so I can wear flip flops.

12 March 2009

What Does a Tiger Say?

In honor of Baylor, Bucknell and Bradley.

11 March 2009

There's Donuts in the Conference Room

Merry Maids happened to be here today when the treadmill was delivered so they were able to sign for it and let the driver bring it in. Kevin put it together and voila I have my exercise plan for tomorrow morning.

This morning I went over to Candi's and we did the 15/15 treadmill/elliptical.

I'm 3 for 3 this week.

The shrimp cakes weren't all I thought they were going to be :(

Today I ate and drank
1 bottle grape G2
4 cups of coffee with cream. I skipped Starbucks!
mixed fruit (pineapple, canteloupe, grapes, strawberries)
***I stared at a big bowl full of donut holes from Lamars in the conference room for 3 hours and had to keep walking by the full box of full size donuts in the back because we sit by the kitchen. TORTURE!***
turkey sandwich with cheese and little mayo on whole wheat bread
1/2 bag of popcorn
coke zero
1 shrimp cake with peach relish
couscous with tomatoes and feta
1 smirnoff ice
There's also a full bowl of mini candy bars near my desk - RESISTED

Today's weight: 135.

Did you know my ideal body weight for my height is 118? Holy crap I haven't weighed 118 since high school.

10 March 2009

I believe it's jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j.

I trying this new fad called uh, jogging. I believe it's jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild.

So this morning I got up and took Sonar for a 50 minute walk. I attempted jogging for about .5 mile. I used to be a runner. I ran a half marathon when I was something like 16 weeks pregnant with Anna.

Ah. And then I had kids. I've had several failed attempts to return to this once-loved-good-for-me hobby. I have high hopes that this morning-thing and the treadmill will do the trick.

The high at 6 am this morning was 65 degrees so it was really nice after it had rained all night. Except for the millions of worms that covered the road. That part was kind of gross.

Tomorrow - Candi's house for alternating treadmill and no-motor-elliptical workout of 15 minutes each. It's going to be rough getting up after the 11-hour work day I put in today.

But I'm committed.

Um. Yeah. Did I mention all of my hard work at exercising today were counteracted by my eating habits? Since we had a vendor in from out of town we went out to lunch for mexican and then dinner at The Bristol. So today I think I ate...

1 bottle (70 calories) purple G2 (gatorade)
Grande nonfat light whip white mocha from starbucks
I stared at the 9 slices of coffee cake on the conference room table for 3 hours but resisted
2 chicken and cheese enchiladas + rice + guacamole
all the chips and salsa waiting for lunch
2 diet dr peppers
I stared at the plate of cookies on the conference room table all afternoon and resisted
2 glasses of water
calamari, part of a crabcake, fried zuchinni and fried carrots appetizer sampler
2 1/2 biscuits
Mahi Mahi
Lemon-asparagus risotto
green beans
2 glasses of pinot grigio wine

Better luck tomorrow on eating.
Today's weight: 135 - sure to be 138 in a few days after all that food sinks in. it's a delayed reaction you know.

09 March 2009

My Birthday Present is Coming Early

So because Candi and I were contemplated a workout plan that we could do together and I was contemplating joining the community center near us for their gym, Kevin broke down and told me this is what I'm getting for my birthday. I'm way excited and not the least bit offended. seriously!

It should be here this week. Until then I got up at 5:30 this morning and went over to Candi's since she has a mini home gym in the basement. We each did the elliptical and treadmill for 15 minutes each. I'm sure I'll be feeling that in the morning. The motor is broken on the elliptical so it was like doing it at the hardest setting. I chanted "bikini butt" in my head to keep going.

Tomorrow I think it's supposed to be warm in the morning. As long as it's not pouring down rain I'm planning to take a dog on a walk.

I'm not a morning person but I've come to the conclusion this really is the best time for me to try to fit this into my schedule. I've always wanted to be a morning person. Instead I made at home, took to work and drank 4 cups of coffee.

In order to get up this early I decided I needed my own alarm clock. Before we just used one on Kevin's side of the bed. I got an iHome for Xmas but we had been using it in the master bath to listen to music while I get ready. I moved it to my nightstand but the display light was so bright it kept waking us up.

I think at one point Kevin got up and threw some clothes over it but I wanted to make sure it was going to work since I'd never used the alarm part so I kept moving the clothes to check the time. Plus since it was daylight savings it felt like I got up at 4:30 am.

Today was one of the first days I've exercised in almost a year. ouch. sad.

The last part of "our deal" (me and Candi committing to stick to this together) is that we are emailing each other everything we eat that day. This will deter us from eating fast food for lunch (in her case) and milkshakes every night (in my case).

Here's what I ate and drank today
Bottle of water
Mixed fruit (strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes)
4 cups coffee with cream
turkey sandwich w/cheese, little mayo on whole wheat bread
1 cup popcorn
coke zero
handful of cashews (while i cooked)
3 chicken & cashews lettuce wraps
smirnoff ice

Today's weight: 136

Tomorrow will be harder as we have a guest from out of town for work that we are taking out to lunch and dinner.

08 March 2009

Family Update

Anna had her first sleepover last night with a friend from daycare/school. They played really hard together. Coloring, Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, Little Mermaid, Babies and on. I let them stay up until almost 10 and then they crashed hard. They even slept through the hail storm at 5 am.

I'm trying potty training with Carter again. He did good after his nap yesterday keeping his underwear dry. It's just a matter of taking him to the bathroom every 20 minutes which I forget to do.

I'm trying to find and commit to an exercise plan with my friend Candi. We're going to hold each other accountable and we are going to be sending each other an email or text with everything we eat each day. As far as the exercise plan goes we've committed to mornings 3 days a week from 6-6:30. Hopefully it will warm up and we can walk outside. When the weather is not-so-nice we are working on a plan - perhaps the treadmill and elliptical in Candi's basement. If I can commit myself to driving over each morning. I'm also trying three new recipes this week.

Kevin ordered plans to build Carter a bed. That's his next big project. He also has apparently ordered me an incredible birthday present that I'm trying to figure out.

Role reversal in dog world at our house - Tassie gets to stay out in the house during the day and Sonar gets locked up. She only ate some kleenex one day and a happy meal toy watch. Other than that she's been good.

Sonar keeps peeing and crapping upstairs out of anger towards us for lack of attention I guess. Maybe he can join me for walks with Candi when we go outside. In the meantime he is not allowed to be in the house roaming during the day. So he's been staying outside.

05 March 2009

Dental Drama Continues

The good news: I took Anna to a pediatric dentist today that we both like.
The bad news: She needs a lot more work done that will cost me about another $650 and that's after insurance pays another $600.

I'm glad we've found this new dentist who is good with kids and knows what she is doing. They took x-rays (the first person to suggest this and this is our third dentist).

It turns out we should have crowned two of the four fillings she's had because they were so big. And she recommends doing this now rather than after they are causing problems because they can absess and get really nasty. She also needs several more fillings.

I think it is mostly because of the way her teeth fit together. They are tight where they touch but there are small gaps above that where food gets stuck (even though we floss daily) and bacteria causes the decay.

I had started banning a few foods from our household
fruit snacks
pop tarts

I have now added many more things to this list
chocolate milk
juice (very limited if any)

Did you know starches can cause decay too? think goldfish, cheeze its etc which get stuck.

We also bought a motorized toothbrush at their recommendation that has a two minute timer and have added a second rinse to our daily routine. At this point I don't think there is much else I can do. Floss. Brush. Pre-brush Rinse. Brush again. Fluoride rinse. It's quite the routine.

Now - the crowns they can do as either silver or there is a new version that has silver at the bottom but the top is white. This costs an additional $131 but I think it might be worth it. She will have these teeth until she is 10 or 12 years old. Which kind would you pick? Has anyone had silver crowns? Did anyone make fun of you? Of course I worry about this. All of my fillings are white.

These are molars that I think are the second from the back and I think are both on the bottom. If I remember correctly.

We are going back in a few weeks to have the work done on the left side. Then we'll go back again to have the remaining work done on the right. I feel really bad about it but she seems ok with it right now. They have TVs on the ceiling and coins you redeem for toys and we ran into one of her other friends from daycare there today.

Guess what. Carter's first appointment is up next.

02 March 2009

30 Days and Counting

The tour kicks off tomorrow in New Orleans. It's gonna be AWESOME. I can't wait. Here's a sneak peak posted today. 30 days and counting till KC!!

01 March 2009

Who's the Big Winner?

It's me :)

I won at Spades (with Candi - go girls!) and I won Settlers of Catan and I won Puerto Rico. We didn't just play cards and board games though. We watched 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Gross Pointe Blank, 21 and Wedding Crashers. We also enjoyed the hot tubs, although it was really cold when you got out.

I'm now enjoying the calm before the storm. There are no dogs and no kids so it's eerily quiet. But not for long.

I went ahead and dug out of my inbox, again going from 130+ (and that's AFTER I deleted my spam) to 49. I won't feel quite so behind when I get in tomorrow. Ugh. Do I really have to go back to work?