05 March 2009

Dental Drama Continues

The good news: I took Anna to a pediatric dentist today that we both like.
The bad news: She needs a lot more work done that will cost me about another $650 and that's after insurance pays another $600.

I'm glad we've found this new dentist who is good with kids and knows what she is doing. They took x-rays (the first person to suggest this and this is our third dentist).

It turns out we should have crowned two of the four fillings she's had because they were so big. And she recommends doing this now rather than after they are causing problems because they can absess and get really nasty. She also needs several more fillings.

I think it is mostly because of the way her teeth fit together. They are tight where they touch but there are small gaps above that where food gets stuck (even though we floss daily) and bacteria causes the decay.

I had started banning a few foods from our household
fruit snacks
pop tarts

I have now added many more things to this list
chocolate milk
juice (very limited if any)

Did you know starches can cause decay too? think goldfish, cheeze its etc which get stuck.

We also bought a motorized toothbrush at their recommendation that has a two minute timer and have added a second rinse to our daily routine. At this point I don't think there is much else I can do. Floss. Brush. Pre-brush Rinse. Brush again. Fluoride rinse. It's quite the routine.

Now - the crowns they can do as either silver or there is a new version that has silver at the bottom but the top is white. This costs an additional $131 but I think it might be worth it. She will have these teeth until she is 10 or 12 years old. Which kind would you pick? Has anyone had silver crowns? Did anyone make fun of you? Of course I worry about this. All of my fillings are white.

These are molars that I think are the second from the back and I think are both on the bottom. If I remember correctly.

We are going back in a few weeks to have the work done on the left side. Then we'll go back again to have the remaining work done on the right. I feel really bad about it but she seems ok with it right now. They have TVs on the ceiling and coins you redeem for toys and we ran into one of her other friends from daycare there today.

Guess what. Carter's first appointment is up next.

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