22 May 2011

Turns out I don't run much without my BFF

My BFF and her hubby adopted a new baby recently. Kind of a big deal. I am thrilled for them. They have added the most adorable baby girl to their family.

BUT - this was a trainwreck for my workout. Turns out I don't run much if no one else is showing up at my house or expecting me to show up at their house to burn some calories at 5 am. I would set the alarm and then snooze and snooze and snooze until I would finally reset it to get up later. My husband loved it (not). One morning he said "Was it too not-rainy for you today?" I really had no excuse.

After three weeks of not running I was really grumpy and really tired all the time. One day at work someone said "Maybe you should have some more coffee." I was not fun to be around.

With the threat of wearing a swimsuit imminently upon me for an upcoming vacation, I finally dragged myself out of bed twice in the morning to go last week. The first day I stepped out I realized it was already somewhat light out. Completely different than just a month before. There was a bright full moon. When I finished the sun was coming up. Already I felt better. The next day I snoozed a little too long so I only went 4 miles instead of 5.5 but felt good to go two days in a row which I rarely do anyway.

These two runs allowed me to get in a longer run on Saturday yesterday. My BFF ran with me for the first three, then she headed back (she is easing back into routine from being gone) while I did some additional miles to get a total of 8 in. It was hot and humid.

So far I've been more awake and in a better mood. Turns out exercise may truly actually make you feel better. Who knew :)

So thank god my BFF is back! I need someone else to hold me accountable for getting up. Plus it's my therapy for the week to chat (and work) it all out.

04 May 2011

The trip that wasn't meant to be

I had originally planned to run the Oklahoma City half marathon last weekend. Candi and I had picked this race because of the time of year, it proximity to KC and I also liked it because my friend Molly's parents live there. At the time we signed up Molly had taken up running and planned to run with Candi and I in OKC. I was going to stay an extra night and hang out with Molly, her little girl and Molly's parents.

A few weeks ago Molly called and sadly let me know that she has a back injury and couldn't run. She still hoped to make it to OKC but that her little girl (who is so adorable) has been sick off and on for weeks and really they needed to stay home to get her better. TOTALLY understood. No big deal.

I moved my return flight to be a day earlier, knowing that I didn't need to hang out with her parents without her :)

Then, a week before the race Candi called. The birth mom they were adopting the baby of went into labor. Totally legitimate excuse for not running :)

So, I could have flown to OKC to run a race by myself. But that didn't really sound like much fun. I had just traveled almost constantly for a week, going to Indy for work and then San Antonio with the kids to see my brother so I was exhausted.

Canceled the trip. Great decision. I still feel behind. And tired. Can't seem to get caught up. The race was also delayed by 30 minutes and cold and rainy. Ick. Not sorry I missed that.

And I totally haven't run in more than two weeks. Turns out I'm not a very good runner with out my running buddy.