21 August 2011

Meal Planning (week of 21 August 2011)

This week I have some traveling for work so we need quick and easy dinners.

Sunday - either homemade or frozen pizza
Monday - cheeseburgers and/or hot dogs and/or brawts + chips and dip
Tuesday - tortellini + garlic ciabatta bread or salad
Wednesday - BLTs + fries
Thursday - Tacos or taco soup? still deciding

14 August 2011

Meal Planning (week of 14 August 2011)

I only have to plan 3 meals this week due to weekday activities.

Sunday - Stuffed shells with bruschetta
I have a secret ingredient when I make bruschetta: cream cheese. First I mix up a can of petite diced tomatoes with basil, red onion and olive oil. Slice a baguette, brush with olive oil, spread a layer of cream cheese, top with the tomato mixture and toast in the over until warm. Deliciousness! I buy the frozen V's shells, top with a jar of sauce and mozzarella and bake. Easy peasy so I can do a little work on the bruschetta.

Monday - Eat on the go

Tuesday - Grilled chicken and corn salad

Wednesday - Royals

Thursday - Turkey Taco Salad

Friday - Eat Out

07 August 2011

Meal Planning (week of 07 August 2011)

Sunday - Spaghetti with meat sauce + salad

Monday - Order pizza

Tuesday - Fajitas + Guac (using steak we had frozen)

Wednesday - Greek chicken pitas + hummus (I have greek seasoning I add to chicken, top with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives except for kevin. Then I'll make a tzatiki sauce with plain yogurt, cucumber, garlic and a little citrus in the food processor)

Thursday - TBD