28 May 2009

Anna Quote for the Blog

Anna fell down the stairs tonight and hit her head on the floor. She's cried wolf about so many "scratches" lately that I didn't blink an eye. In my defense I thought she'd just missed one step, not four. Kevin scooped her up and treated her boo boo which turned out to be quite the goose egg. Or as Anna said

"Mommy, I have a hill on my head."

That was one for the blog. And then I felt bad for not even looking at her.


Hello 129!

I lost another pound. 7 down, 6 to go. Let's call it half way. My progress seems to be about .5 pound a week, which is slow but progress. Kevin says I can't complain if I'm eating ice cream (and a hot dog pasta dish for dinner tonight) plus I haven't given up Starbucks yet. I don't think I'm gonna make it in to the bikini for the 4th of July pool party but I realized we have tickets to Royals on the 4th so maybe we'll shoot for August. I still want to wear that damn bikini. The Royals game on the 4th is a noon game, WTF, no fireworks?

27 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday and Sunday were very warm so we blew up a pool and let the kids play outside. We also went to Julian's 5 year bday party and the kids played with water guns outside. Lots of fun in the sun.

Kevin and I also watched 4 movies in the last two weeks: Righteous Kill, Taken, Pineapple Express and Hancock. Can you tell who makes the Blockbuster list? Actually they were all good and I didn't fall asleep. Turns out this is what we do when our best friends are busy with family in town and we can't drink and play cards with them.

Ran six miles on Sunday. Felt really good but really sweaty. Finally wore Tassie out to the point where there was slack in the leash.

Last Friday night we went to the Power & Light District with Sam and Candi, Candi's sister and her husband and Candi's brother and his wife, and my brother that lives in town. It was a great time had by all, especially the 2 am trip through the Taco Hell drive through on the way home. I was barely able to walk to the car. Kevin kindly drove our drunk asses around, thanks baby.

21 May 2009

What Happened to My Sweet Anna?

Miss Anna is suddenly Miss Sassy.

One morning last week she was sassing me about something - around 6:30 am! and long before I've had any coffee - I told her... Anna, you don't have to agree with everything I say, and you can tell me you disagree, but you don't have to use that tone of voice.

And what did she say, without missing a beat...

In her sassiest voice with her head moving side to side...

Well sometimes when I say those things I'm just talking to myself.

Luckily I had the refrigerator door open to hide my laugh. How does she think this fast so early?

She also told Kevin "duh" in the car in response to something he said.

I'll have to start writing her stuff down cause I can't remember everything now but it's been chalk-full day after day this week.

Best Royals Game of the Season

I'm so glad we did the Royals tickets again this year. Not only is the stadium much more fun and beautiful. And so far the Royals don't suck. The Zack Grienke games rock and this week we went on Tuesday and saw the best game this season.

Kevin wanted to leave before the ninth but the game had gone pretty fast and I had a good feeling, even though we were down by three. With one out Jacobs came to bat and fouled off a ton of pitches before hitting a home run. Now we're down by 2. Teahan comes up and hits a homerun on the first pitch. Now we're down by 1. Olivo walks. DeJesus hit a triple to tie the game! And by now the crowd is just crazy! A sacrifice fly wins the game. I did take just a few pictures before all the craziness.

Fun in the Sun

April was a crazy month at work. I think I worked overtime every week of the month. Now I'm able to come up for air, do something besides work and blog about it. Yay!

We've finally had some beautiful weather. I took the kids to the zoo last Sunday and today we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead. Here are pictures from today.

16 May 2009

Exercise Update

Just to document my progress, or lack thereof.

Last week ran (if I remember right)
Mon 5
Wed 2 treadmill
Fri 4

Took last Sat and Sun off, felt guilty. This week...
Mon 5 knee hurt later
Tue off
Wed 5 with new shoes felt great
Thur 5 called local police dept to complain about that damn loose schnauzer
Fri 5 first run without tassie. avoided krispy kreme at office but ate pizza for dinner
Today walked 5 pushing Anna in stroller

Gained a pound back. Now at 131. Total loss only 5 lbs. Seriously frustrating. I've given up smirnoff ice for the last three weeks, which was basically all after work drinks I used to have. Drinking more water. Powerade Zero is my new sports drink. Like the mixed berry.

Have formal to go to in less than a month. Would be nice to fit into a dress I wore a few years ago to the same event.

Thinking I need to add weight training. Debating joining local gym for the free weights. Anyone know a good video that uses hand weights?

14 May 2009

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Anna had her kindergarten screening last week. They were very impressed that she knew what a thermometer was and what it measures, apparently most kids don't get that one. The only item she didn't know was the word "least" and she wouldn't catch the bean bags they threw to her. She scored a 99 and is "more than ready for kindergarten."

Here is her preschool graduation from tonight. The "red room" is the color of room for the pre-k kids. Each age room is painted a different color.

09 May 2009

Anna All Smiles

While Carter was napping I took Anna to a small carnival that consisted of inflatables and bouncers to benefit a boy scout troop or something. She did this slide 4 times.

Carter's Spring Program

Carter had his spring program last Thursday. Here we are entertaining them before they go on stage.

I had to bribe him with candy to go on the stage.

Once he got up there he had a good time and laughed and sang.

I'm an idiot and recorded this vertically with the camera. I'll have to read the manual to see if I can rotate it. Turn your head. Think Night at the Roxbary (sp?)

Anna graduates from daycare next Thursday.

04 May 2009

19 Reasons Not to Have Kids

So I admit I'd love to have a third, but Kevin says no way in hell is he having a third child. So I liked this list.

19 Reasons Not to Have Kids

03 May 2009

I was runnnnnning

Exercise this week...

Sunday 5 miles outside
Monday 2 miles treadmill
Tuesday 5 miles outside
Wednesday off (had to be at work early for presentation)
Thursday 5 miles outside
Friday 4 miles outside
Saturday 5 miles outside, new route
Sunday off, my legs were feeling a little sore

total: 26 miles

I need to get some new shoes. I finally lost one more pound. My clothes still fit the same even though I have lost 5 pounds.

Tassie and I saw a flock of baby geese one day that were scurrying to get away from her and into the pond but kept falling down in the grass. super cute and fuzzy

We also saw two bunnies one day. She saw them before me which almost resulted in her getting them. At times I almost can't control her.

We saw a loose schnauzer again one day. This little dog is crazy and bitey and a lady came out from another house and said I should complain about this dog and its owner. Clearly there is a neighborhood tiff going on but also clearly this dog runs around the neighborhood through everyone's yard and doesn't appear very friendly. Hence the new route on Saturday, plus I was getting a little bored.