28 May 2009

Anna Quote for the Blog

Anna fell down the stairs tonight and hit her head on the floor. She's cried wolf about so many "scratches" lately that I didn't blink an eye. In my defense I thought she'd just missed one step, not four. Kevin scooped her up and treated her boo boo which turned out to be quite the goose egg. Or as Anna said

"Mommy, I have a hill on my head."

That was one for the blog. And then I felt bad for not even looking at her.


Hello 129!

I lost another pound. 7 down, 6 to go. Let's call it half way. My progress seems to be about .5 pound a week, which is slow but progress. Kevin says I can't complain if I'm eating ice cream (and a hot dog pasta dish for dinner tonight) plus I haven't given up Starbucks yet. I don't think I'm gonna make it in to the bikini for the 4th of July pool party but I realized we have tickets to Royals on the 4th so maybe we'll shoot for August. I still want to wear that damn bikini. The Royals game on the 4th is a noon game, WTF, no fireworks?

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