21 May 2009

Best Royals Game of the Season

I'm so glad we did the Royals tickets again this year. Not only is the stadium much more fun and beautiful. And so far the Royals don't suck. The Zack Grienke games rock and this week we went on Tuesday and saw the best game this season.

Kevin wanted to leave before the ninth but the game had gone pretty fast and I had a good feeling, even though we were down by three. With one out Jacobs came to bat and fouled off a ton of pitches before hitting a home run. Now we're down by 2. Teahan comes up and hits a homerun on the first pitch. Now we're down by 1. Olivo walks. DeJesus hit a triple to tie the game! And by now the crowd is just crazy! A sacrifice fly wins the game. I did take just a few pictures before all the craziness.

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