27 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday and Sunday were very warm so we blew up a pool and let the kids play outside. We also went to Julian's 5 year bday party and the kids played with water guns outside. Lots of fun in the sun.

Kevin and I also watched 4 movies in the last two weeks: Righteous Kill, Taken, Pineapple Express and Hancock. Can you tell who makes the Blockbuster list? Actually they were all good and I didn't fall asleep. Turns out this is what we do when our best friends are busy with family in town and we can't drink and play cards with them.

Ran six miles on Sunday. Felt really good but really sweaty. Finally wore Tassie out to the point where there was slack in the leash.

Last Friday night we went to the Power & Light District with Sam and Candi, Candi's sister and her husband and Candi's brother and his wife, and my brother that lives in town. It was a great time had by all, especially the 2 am trip through the Taco Hell drive through on the way home. I was barely able to walk to the car. Kevin kindly drove our drunk asses around, thanks baby.

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