16 May 2009

Exercise Update

Just to document my progress, or lack thereof.

Last week ran (if I remember right)
Mon 5
Wed 2 treadmill
Fri 4

Took last Sat and Sun off, felt guilty. This week...
Mon 5 knee hurt later
Tue off
Wed 5 with new shoes felt great
Thur 5 called local police dept to complain about that damn loose schnauzer
Fri 5 first run without tassie. avoided krispy kreme at office but ate pizza for dinner
Today walked 5 pushing Anna in stroller

Gained a pound back. Now at 131. Total loss only 5 lbs. Seriously frustrating. I've given up smirnoff ice for the last three weeks, which was basically all after work drinks I used to have. Drinking more water. Powerade Zero is my new sports drink. Like the mixed berry.

Have formal to go to in less than a month. Would be nice to fit into a dress I wore a few years ago to the same event.

Thinking I need to add weight training. Debating joining local gym for the free weights. Anyone know a good video that uses hand weights?


Stephanie said...

that p9ox i told you about is killer! you even need to run after that.

Stephanie said...

oops you don't even need to run after that