28 February 2008


Love her teeny tiny toenails. Mommy - Anna time.

25 February 2008

Snow Bunnies

Thanks to Heidi for the hand me down snow suit for Carter. It's a little small (I was thinking he'd wear it in Nov/Dec) but I stuffed him in it. Malt-o-meal kids: pre-snow.

First Walk in the Snow

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up


24 February 2008

Good Morning

Last night we were playing Settlers of Catan and then Spades with Sam and Candi and it started snowing. I had no idea it was supposed to snow. It just kept falling! And this morning we have at least 3 inches. It is the very wet fluffy kind of snow. The kind I like.

We are hoping to go sledding and make snowmen before it melts today (high is expected to be in the 40s).

Yesterday was girls shopping (the boys kept the baby boys). I found a cute black dress (at Candi's suggestion) to wear to the Amanda's bachelorette party next weekend. The first one I found was at White House Black Market for $150. The very very very similar dress at Express cost $80. AND I got some very hot irridescent pink shoes I've had my eyes on for weeks. Yea!

20 February 2008

Kids are Freaking Resilient

So after Anna threw up all over her bed twice on Monday night she slept all night and was fine the next day. I was thankful except I was working from home and she wanted me to play with her. I parked her in front of the TV and finally let her outside to burn off some steam.

She jumped on the trampoline, did sidewalk chalk, ate a hotdog and yogurt and more. You never would have known she was sick.

She was 5th in her room at daycare to get it. Spring cannot come soon enough. I think we need to detox the house, ha.

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm having some dental work done. Bleh. BUT - I have a $50 DSW gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I might have to make a trip to the shoe store.

Some brightly colored fun shoes might be calling my name. Even though I can't wear them right now. This weather will end eventually right? right? Today is the coldest day so far and according to the news we've had snow every 3.4 days since Thanksgiving but where we live have only had a total of 6 inches so it's prety much the crappy snow where the grass still shows and you can't go sledding but the roads get slick. Boooo.

Spring Training in Arizona is sounding pretty good right about now. Why did we decide not to go this year?

I think 48 days till Opening Day - Go Royals!

19 February 2008

Toast and Water

Whew she slept all night. We are attempting toast and water this morning. Cross fingers.

18 February 2008

Last week it was diarrhea and tonight we have...

- that's right you guessed it Bob, it's Vomiting! You've just won 4 sets of sheets, 10 towels, a bowl and limited sleep for 24 hours! And - if you act in the next 10 minutes - you can have another child who cries incessantly for no apparent reason! And - as our special gift - you got to have chili for dinner!

It might be live blogging tonight if I don't get any sleep.

13 February 2008

A doctor in the making

He really puts this around his neck on his own - i promise.

Random update for this week

Last weekend the outdoor unit (we have a heat pump) started making a really loud noise. So loud, I thought the neighbors were running some power tools or something. So they (the heating and air conditioning fix-it company) came to check it out and that cost me $100 and now they are coming back to fix it tomorrow morning for another $500. Gulp. We've been running the "emergency heat" instead which is the furnace in the basement but I'm told that is too expensive too do permanently.

Working tomorrow for an all day client meeting. Off on Friday instead. New gala event on Friday night to attend. The first year of Red Ball, a benefit for the American Red Cross at the Sprint Center.

I haven't seen my best friend in two weeks and I have serious withdrawal.


Goal Update

Today: 133
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 5
Pounds To Go: 8

But I ate a cookie today (thanks Lisa) and vegetable fried rice for dinner. Even though it had vegetables I'm pretty sure it was really bad for me.

10 February 2008

When you're sliding into first...

and your pants begin to burst, diarrhea, diarrhea. When you're heading into second and [i can't remember the words] diarrhea, diarrhea. When your sliding into third and you feel a juicy turd, diarrhea, diarrhea. When you're heading into home and your pants are full of foam diarrhea, diarrhea.

And if that makes you smirk you'll enjoy more here.

Carter has had diarrhea since Friday. I'm a little slow so I just switched him from milk to pedialyte today. He wouldn't eat anything today, not even cookies until he finally ate a piece of bread at dinner.


Anna tried on two flower girl dresses this weekend. That place was Cuh-razy with brides. No purchase yet. I want to try one more place called Ruffles and Britches but didn't think we should try that with Carter's diarrhea today (he stayed with papa yesterday when we went).


Goal Update

Friday and Saturday: 133 - YEA Pre-baby Carter weight
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 5
Pounds To Go: 8

Today I didn't weigh myself until I had already eaten two homemade cinnamon rolls (thank you sweetie, they were de-lish) - this recipe was 12 hours in the making but Alton made them look so irristible Kevin had to make them - so I'm not posting today's weight, ha.

07 February 2008

Is this weird to anyone else but me?

Is it weird to anyone else but me that they cut off the eyes of every single model shot on this page?

06 February 2008

Goal Update

So much for exercise. It's really hard to do when you're working almost 11 hours a day, not to mention trying to keep house and enjoy two kids. So that's out until it finally stops snowing and the temperature gets above freezing. I'm trying eating better and less instead.

Tonight we had Beer Battered Tilapia with Red Chile Mandarin Orange Sauce - a recipe I found on Food Network. The name really says it all, ha.

I find I really like fixing fish mostly because it cooks really fast and time is one thing I do not have any extra of.

I bought two gallons of milk, two loaves of bread and six D batteries (the cheapest brand I could find - Best Choice) tonight at the grocery store and it cost me $25. good god. Is this a sign that I am old. I think bread and milk are too expensive.


Goal Update

Today: 135
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 3
Pounds To Go: 10

Two more pounds would put me at 133 which was my pre-baby-Carter weight. That, at least, would be nice. He's over a year old and I'm still carrying around baby weight.

03 February 2008

Where I work

One of my coworkers put this together for our annual holiday party - which we celebrate in Jan. Pretty cool.

Digital Evolution Group 2007 "Year-In-Review" from Ramsey Mohsen on Vimeo.

Carter's crazy like a...


Or so Anna tells me.

Girls Bathroom

Before the girls (plus babies) headed out for shopping we went to lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. We immediately took our waiter by surprise. I don't think he had ever seen two girls with three kids overtake a table. He must have been about 17. He was really wanting to take our drink order but we were very busy getting situated. You know, putting two kids in highchairs, removing anything within arms reach like the caddy holding ketchup and mustard - finally just moving it to the floor, getting a three year old entertained with the crayons, unpacking bibs, realizing I left a full sippy cup on the counter at home and so on. Do you want an appetizer? Uh, I haven't even put my hands on the menu, no thanks. He also really tried to sell us on their new vodka, which I'm sure we looked like we needed but uh, no thanks.

Anyways, lunch went very well and at the end I took Anna and Carter to the bathroom before we headed out to shop.

While washing our hands another woman came into the bathroom and went into a stall.

Anna did a double take.

Mommy, this is the girls bathroom, why is there a boy in the girls bathroom?

There isn't.

Yes, did you see that person, a boy just came into the bathroom.

No, that was a girl.

No, mommmy, it was a boy.

Maybe if I don't say anything this will blow over. Woman comes out of stall. I couldn't aruge with Anna. She completely looked like a boy. Spike hair cut, overweight so you can't tell she has any boobs. I hoped she would say something to help ease the tension.

Nothing. No eye contact, nothing. She's washing her hands RIGHT NEXT TO ME and Anna says

Mommy, look right next to you. There he is.

She finally leaves. Mortification over.

The honesty of a three year old can hurt.