03 February 2008

Girls Bathroom

Before the girls (plus babies) headed out for shopping we went to lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. We immediately took our waiter by surprise. I don't think he had ever seen two girls with three kids overtake a table. He must have been about 17. He was really wanting to take our drink order but we were very busy getting situated. You know, putting two kids in highchairs, removing anything within arms reach like the caddy holding ketchup and mustard - finally just moving it to the floor, getting a three year old entertained with the crayons, unpacking bibs, realizing I left a full sippy cup on the counter at home and so on. Do you want an appetizer? Uh, I haven't even put my hands on the menu, no thanks. He also really tried to sell us on their new vodka, which I'm sure we looked like we needed but uh, no thanks.

Anyways, lunch went very well and at the end I took Anna and Carter to the bathroom before we headed out to shop.

While washing our hands another woman came into the bathroom and went into a stall.

Anna did a double take.

Mommy, this is the girls bathroom, why is there a boy in the girls bathroom?

There isn't.

Yes, did you see that person, a boy just came into the bathroom.

No, that was a girl.

No, mommmy, it was a boy.

Maybe if I don't say anything this will blow over. Woman comes out of stall. I couldn't aruge with Anna. She completely looked like a boy. Spike hair cut, overweight so you can't tell she has any boobs. I hoped she would say something to help ease the tension.

Nothing. No eye contact, nothing. She's washing her hands RIGHT NEXT TO ME and Anna says

Mommy, look right next to you. There he is.

She finally leaves. Mortification over.

The honesty of a three year old can hurt.

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