13 February 2008

Random update for this week

Last weekend the outdoor unit (we have a heat pump) started making a really loud noise. So loud, I thought the neighbors were running some power tools or something. So they (the heating and air conditioning fix-it company) came to check it out and that cost me $100 and now they are coming back to fix it tomorrow morning for another $500. Gulp. We've been running the "emergency heat" instead which is the furnace in the basement but I'm told that is too expensive too do permanently.

Working tomorrow for an all day client meeting. Off on Friday instead. New gala event on Friday night to attend. The first year of Red Ball, a benefit for the American Red Cross at the Sprint Center.

I haven't seen my best friend in two weeks and I have serious withdrawal.


Goal Update

Today: 133
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 5
Pounds To Go: 8

But I ate a cookie today (thanks Lisa) and vegetable fried rice for dinner. Even though it had vegetables I'm pretty sure it was really bad for me.

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