24 February 2008

Good Morning

Last night we were playing Settlers of Catan and then Spades with Sam and Candi and it started snowing. I had no idea it was supposed to snow. It just kept falling! And this morning we have at least 3 inches. It is the very wet fluffy kind of snow. The kind I like.

We are hoping to go sledding and make snowmen before it melts today (high is expected to be in the 40s).

Yesterday was girls shopping (the boys kept the baby boys). I found a cute black dress (at Candi's suggestion) to wear to the Amanda's bachelorette party next weekend. The first one I found was at White House Black Market for $150. The very very very similar dress at Express cost $80. AND I got some very hot irridescent pink shoes I've had my eyes on for weeks. Yea!

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