06 February 2008

Goal Update

So much for exercise. It's really hard to do when you're working almost 11 hours a day, not to mention trying to keep house and enjoy two kids. So that's out until it finally stops snowing and the temperature gets above freezing. I'm trying eating better and less instead.

Tonight we had Beer Battered Tilapia with Red Chile Mandarin Orange Sauce - a recipe I found on Food Network. The name really says it all, ha.

I find I really like fixing fish mostly because it cooks really fast and time is one thing I do not have any extra of.

I bought two gallons of milk, two loaves of bread and six D batteries (the cheapest brand I could find - Best Choice) tonight at the grocery store and it cost me $25. good god. Is this a sign that I am old. I think bread and milk are too expensive.


Goal Update

Today: 135
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 3
Pounds To Go: 10

Two more pounds would put me at 133 which was my pre-baby-Carter weight. That, at least, would be nice. He's over a year old and I'm still carrying around baby weight.


Heidi said...

I'm with you on the exercise. It takes too much time! I'm trying to do the same thing you are.

Um, does eating an entire (big) box of Milk Duds over the past 4 days count as healthy if I ate less of everything else?

Girly girl said...

Oh I just realized I also bought a package of tortillas. So really the answer is yes I am getting old because I can't even remember 6 items I purchased at the grocery store.