22 July 2010

Let's just say...

Our toilet has had a rough week. Kevin and I must have caught the stomach bug that Anna had last weekend. Kevin fared worse than I and even went home sick from work for the first time in six years on Tuesday. I ate toast for dinner that night and had to take several "breaks" while trying to bathe and put the kids to bed.

Wednesday I didn't even have coffee and only one soda late in the afternoon. This is an absurdly low amount of caffeine for me and I greatly feared the withdrawal headache that I was sure was imminent.

Kevin fared worse than me but let's just say we each had our own embarrassing moments and were forced to recon with the fact that it definitely isn't all rose petals and rainbows.

I am annoyed with my daycare this week. They took Anna's class on a trip to the Omaha Zoo. An overnight trip leaving Wed around noon and coming back today. But I didn't think Anna was old enough to go and come to find out neither did three other parents who didn't let their pre-first graders go either.

BUT the kicker is that my daycare made me find other daycare arrangements for the time they were gone. And I am not getting reimbursed for this. Lucky for me my mom was off yesterday afternoon and I was off today. But I was still really annoyed with this.

Today I took the kids to Jumpin Jax. We ran into another parent and kids who used to go to our daycare. They had switched and I asked how it was going, thinking I might switch because two former families from Anna's class are there. Or so I thought. They have since switched again. They said that daycare had too many kids with behavior problems. They are now at another daycare that is actually really close to the one we go to now. It also has a private school that the family across the street attends.

But then he asked me something that made me stop and think. He asked me if the kids were unhappy. And you know, I really think they are happy there. I think they like it there. So really what's the point in switching. He also said something else. He said he had been trying to make a daycare a preschool. And I think I am doing that in my head too. And when I really think about it, Carter has been practicing writing his name and I don't even remember Anna doing that at three so I think I will leave it. Seems like I'm trying to drum up some drama.

Bought some new running shoes at the Adidas outlet today. Excited to try them out this weekend.

18 July 2010

Weekend Recap

Carter: "I'm going to marry mommy"
Anna: "No, you can't."
Carter: "Why not?"
Anna: "Because she will be too old for you."

Didn't do much this weekend. Ran 10 miles on Saturday morning. Got a triple shot Starbucks, came home, showered, took Anna to swim lessons, tried to make it to the end of Carter's baseball game but didn't quite get there in time. Came home, made lunch and then promptly fell asleep on the couch around 12:30. Slept for 2.5 hours and woke up around 3:00. Apparently getting up at 4:30 am three times this week finally caught up with me. I was impressed that I drank a triple shot at 8:00 am and took a 2.5 hour nap 4 hours later.

Went to Target to get a few things. Realized their toy sale is going on. Stocked up on toys for all the birthday parties the kids get invited to throughout the year. A lot are 50% off, some are only 30% off. Each of the kids got to pick one toy since I was buying a cart full and felt bad not letting them have one. Anna picked a baby doll. Really? You have a million baby dolls. Carter picked out the Toy Story inflatable pool with blow up aliens that you get to shoot with the water guns that attach to the hose. I had to admit that one was kind of cool and it was half off so it was only $15.

We grilled bratwursts and asparagus and I made macaroni and cheese with velveeta and elbow noodles. Then the kids played in the new pool which Kevin reluctantly blew up. After they came inside Anna immediately started complaining that she didn't feel well. I just thought she was tired and put their pajamas on and put them in bed. Kevin and I watched Extract. It was funny.

Fast forward to midnight and I hear Anna yelling that she threw up. I went upstairs and it was so gross. The volume was a lot. So much that it had soaked through the sheet, through the mattress pad and into the matress. I moved her to the bathroom and started to strip the bed.

I had to then move laundry around because there was a load in the washer and a load in the dryer. This was a necessity because it smelled so bad I thought I was going to throw up and there was no way I could leave it anywhere. Then I made a "bed" out of a quilt from the guest bedroom and slept on the floor in her room for the rest of the night.

That was it. It was the only time she threw up. She at toast for breakfast, spaghetti for lunch and fajitas for dinner. It was weird. It was like she had food poisoning because it came on so fast and after dinner but we all ate the same thing. I think she had a low fever when she threw up but I didn't take her temperature.

Was then lazy all day today. Did grocery shopping and that was it. Tried to get Carter to take a nap and after two hours I gave up and only made myself sleepy. Then he fell asleep on the couch watching the world news at 5:00. And woke up a monster and didn't eat dinner and is now in bed. He was a peach today.

I am surprisingly ready to go back to work tomorrow.

15 July 2010

Anna-Carter Conversations

While driving in the car to the carnival at the daycare.

Anna: "I'm going to marry Justin Bieber"
Carter: "Me too"
Anna: "You can't because you're a boy"

a few minutes later...

Anna: "If I have a baby you'll be an uncle"
*impressive I think*
Carter: "No way, Jose!"

There was more I wish I could remember. I wish I could drive while I write these things down. I wish my brain could remember these conversations.

I worked all day. On my day off. It is very busy at work with new projects kicking off and associates going on vacation and new hires starting. Needless to say I was exhausted when I picked up the kiddos and immediately they reminded me that today is the carnival night at daycare and last time we couldn't go because anna had swimming lessons.

I swung through the McD drive through to get them dinner which they ate on the way home, got home and changed clothes, put on their swimsuits and drove back up to the daycare to let them play for 30 minutes. Then home and finally I got to eat a meal. I had so many meetings today that when I was walking out I realized...

I ate a banana on the way into the office
I drank a grande triple shot non fat light whip white mocha
I ate a donut
I ate a Reese's PB Cup
I ate a cup cake
I drank a Coke Zero

On the way home I had a sugar free redbull. On the way to the daycare I ate some cashews. When I got home I ate the frozen Schwan's meal Kevin had cooked.

Crappy eating day. Didn't run this morning because it was raining. I'm up too late but going to try to run in the morning and sleep this weekend.

They had a lot of cute activities at the daycare carnival.

Washing the car:

"Spray painting"

Pool time:


12 July 2010

We're planning a trip...

to Disney World! It's going to be the first family vacation since we went to Brian and Anna's wedding a few years ago in Nashville. Our BFFs are going with us of course! I'm way excited. I've been to Disney several times but Kevin has never been - he's only been to Disneyland which isn't exactly the same. Anna is dying to go. Originally we had told her we were going in August. I have not broken the news to her yet that it is not going to be August. She might be devastated for awhile but I think she is going to flip out when she sees all the princesses when we finally get there. Alex keeps saying he is going to "disney princess castle" even though he doesn't know when we are going.

Kevin and I decided to make it a surprise for the kids. Right now I'm thinking we wake them up and have them open a present that is Mickey Mouse ears/hat that they could wear on the airplane. We have not booked tickets yet but just a matter of days.

I'm ready for a vaca! Now - does anyone know if you can drink at Disneyworld? :)

Disney tips welcome - have you seen the million apps available? Everything from wait times (in real time) to maps to parade info. Which one to download? Hmmm.

08 July 2010

Tax Dollars Hard at Work

On two separate occasions today I encountered tax dollars hard at work on the road.

05 July 2010

Fireworks from our deck

Saturday night we spent at an annual party. On the Fourth of July we stayed home and watched the fireworks from our deck.

Fireworks from our deck from Cara on Vimeo.

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead Vblog

On the fourth of July we headed to Deanna Rose Farm. We thought it was going to rain any minute but it never did.

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead from Cara on Vimeo.
The Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead located in Overland Park, KS is a wonderful place to take the kids. Here I highlight many of the friendly animals, plus a few of the extra activities. We've been here many times and it's always a joy. Beginning in 2010 it is $2 per person Friday-Sunday. Monday-Thursday are still FREE!

A few of the activities have additional fees such as the pony rides, wagon rides, bottle feeding the goats, fishing, mining. Bring your quarters for feeding the chickens, goats, ducks, etc. from the palm of your hands.