22 July 2010

Let's just say...

Our toilet has had a rough week. Kevin and I must have caught the stomach bug that Anna had last weekend. Kevin fared worse than I and even went home sick from work for the first time in six years on Tuesday. I ate toast for dinner that night and had to take several "breaks" while trying to bathe and put the kids to bed.

Wednesday I didn't even have coffee and only one soda late in the afternoon. This is an absurdly low amount of caffeine for me and I greatly feared the withdrawal headache that I was sure was imminent.

Kevin fared worse than me but let's just say we each had our own embarrassing moments and were forced to recon with the fact that it definitely isn't all rose petals and rainbows.

I am annoyed with my daycare this week. They took Anna's class on a trip to the Omaha Zoo. An overnight trip leaving Wed around noon and coming back today. But I didn't think Anna was old enough to go and come to find out neither did three other parents who didn't let their pre-first graders go either.

BUT the kicker is that my daycare made me find other daycare arrangements for the time they were gone. And I am not getting reimbursed for this. Lucky for me my mom was off yesterday afternoon and I was off today. But I was still really annoyed with this.

Today I took the kids to Jumpin Jax. We ran into another parent and kids who used to go to our daycare. They had switched and I asked how it was going, thinking I might switch because two former families from Anna's class are there. Or so I thought. They have since switched again. They said that daycare had too many kids with behavior problems. They are now at another daycare that is actually really close to the one we go to now. It also has a private school that the family across the street attends.

But then he asked me something that made me stop and think. He asked me if the kids were unhappy. And you know, I really think they are happy there. I think they like it there. So really what's the point in switching. He also said something else. He said he had been trying to make a daycare a preschool. And I think I am doing that in my head too. And when I really think about it, Carter has been practicing writing his name and I don't even remember Anna doing that at three so I think I will leave it. Seems like I'm trying to drum up some drama.

Bought some new running shoes at the Adidas outlet today. Excited to try them out this weekend.

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