15 July 2010

Anna-Carter Conversations

While driving in the car to the carnival at the daycare.

Anna: "I'm going to marry Justin Bieber"
Carter: "Me too"
Anna: "You can't because you're a boy"

a few minutes later...

Anna: "If I have a baby you'll be an uncle"
*impressive I think*
Carter: "No way, Jose!"

There was more I wish I could remember. I wish I could drive while I write these things down. I wish my brain could remember these conversations.

I worked all day. On my day off. It is very busy at work with new projects kicking off and associates going on vacation and new hires starting. Needless to say I was exhausted when I picked up the kiddos and immediately they reminded me that today is the carnival night at daycare and last time we couldn't go because anna had swimming lessons.

I swung through the McD drive through to get them dinner which they ate on the way home, got home and changed clothes, put on their swimsuits and drove back up to the daycare to let them play for 30 minutes. Then home and finally I got to eat a meal. I had so many meetings today that when I was walking out I realized...

I ate a banana on the way into the office
I drank a grande triple shot non fat light whip white mocha
I ate a donut
I ate a Reese's PB Cup
I ate a cup cake
I drank a Coke Zero

On the way home I had a sugar free redbull. On the way to the daycare I ate some cashews. When I got home I ate the frozen Schwan's meal Kevin had cooked.

Crappy eating day. Didn't run this morning because it was raining. I'm up too late but going to try to run in the morning and sleep this weekend.

They had a lot of cute activities at the daycare carnival.

Washing the car:

"Spray painting"

Pool time:


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