23 April 2009

Dear Carter

You are getting so big! But you are still my baby to me. I am excited that it is baseball season finally and we get to take you to the Royals games again. You love to play baseball. You also love to read. Your favorite books right now are Hug (monkey), Knuffle Bunny Too, and How Does a Dinosaur Eat All His Food? I love how well you play with your sister Anna. You two can entertain each other for an hour or more without fighting. I love your hugs and kisses and snuggles. I love your laugh when you giggle and your dimples when you grin from ear to ear. I love you to pieces and if I was there right now I'd give you a big hug and kiss. Be good for grandma!


Dear Anna

The daycare asked me to write a letter to each child, which will be read aloud to them in class on Friday. I thought these might make good blog postings.

Dear Anna,
I am so proud of you. You are doign so great in school and I am excited for you to go to kindergarten. But before that, I am looking forward to spending time with you this summer - goign to the pool and the movies and having lunch at the park and getting our nails done together on "girls" days. I love spending time with you. You are so sweet. I especialloy love how much you help me around the house - picking up toys and putting away laundry. You are th ebest daughter I could dream of having. I love you so much!


16 April 2009

I have to wear a swimsuit on Saturday. Yikes.

5:30 am is officially my new start time. So for about the last six weeks I have committed to getting up and exercising in the morning, to begin my day. I have been really good about sticking to this. Here was this week's schedule so far, for example

Sunday 4 mile run outside
Monday 5 min walk 25 min run treadmill
Tuesday 10 min walk 20 min run treadmill
Wednesday 3.5 mile run outside
Thursday 4 mile run outside
Friday Plan to get another 3-4 miles outside

So 6 weeks of pretty consistent exercising. I started my weight at 136 and am currently at 132. 4 down 9 to go.

Goal: 123 and to wear a bikini I wore 3 years ago but haven't been able to wear since at the annual 4th of July pool party. Why 123? Well apparently I'm supposed to weigh 118 so I figure I can be 5 pounds overweight and still look good.

I want to see some results so that's why I decided to up it to 4 miles a day rather than the 2 I can get in on the treadmill in 30 min. More than 30 min on the treadmill seems rather long to me.

If this doesn't start to produce results I think I will need to add some sort of weight training/lifting at the community center nearby. Speaking of which, we're going to a pool party for one of the girls in Anna's class at the community center on Saturday. Which means I have to wear a swimsuit. Scary. I mean really, no one wants to see that.

14 April 2009

Happy Birthday Big Girl

This year Anna turned 5 on Easter Day!


One Year

Two Years

Three Years

Four Years

Five Years

Wow. 5 years old. Where did 5 years go?

At 5 you are learning to...
read words
tie your shoes
remember everyone's phone number
play board games
ride your bike up hills and brake down hills without having to come to a complete stop
tell time on a clock with hands
snap your fingers

You still love...
cartoons, especially sponge bob
playing pretend
your brother
baby dolls
having girls days with your mommy
princess stories

I worry about you...
watching too much tv
because you love to clean (are you really my child?) you ask to dust and sort my shoes
being bored in kindergarten
having to have so much dental work

Here's more that makes you, you...

You have the most beautiful eyelashes and skin color.

You are so sweet for helping me. You bring me things at my first request, help with Carter and can go find out what time it is for me when I'm trying to get out the door and pretty sure we are late.

I rarely have to punish you anymore.

I'm pretty good at judging when you're lying. But I can see this may get harder as years go by.

You and Carter play together for hours without fighting. I'm so happy for this.

You like to pick out your own clothes. You refuse to wear corduroys and sometimes refuse jeans. Sometimes you refuse sweat pants because they make you sweat. This leaves knit pants and skirts.

I love that you are still so innocent. For example - we were watching The Amazing Race a few weeks ago and one of the girls said she was "freezing my ass off" and Anna said "What is assoff?"

I never would have thought we would have explained how babies are made several times over before you were even 5. It gets easier each time.

I love that you also asked "Do I get to go to kindergarten the next day when I'm five?" But I must admit I'm a little sad for you to go to kindergarten.

You are still my sweet baby girl and I love you love you love you!

The Classic Faces of Anna

You might have to click on these to really see her expressions.

Easter Eve and Morning

The bunny left his trail from their room to their baskets.

Excuse the view of Sonar's backside here.

Hunting for their colored eggs that the bunny hid in the yard. All of the neighbors who were leaving for church looked at us like we should be too. Instead we're all in jammies and coats.

Hurry up! It's cold! Let's go inside.

13 April 2009

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Pics from the local annual Easter egg hunt last Saturday morning. They do this by age group but Kevin had to work so I was on my own with both. I didn't think Anna should be part of the 0-2 year olds but was afraid he would get trampled in the 5 year old - 1st graders. So we did the 3-4 year age group. It worked out ok.

Waiting patiently.

Ready. Set.


Nice work!

Say cheese!

Don't worry - these huge eggs are just for pictures.

12 April 2009

Royals Opening Weekend

Friday afternoon was Royals opening day. We took the kids. Our seats were down on the lower section right field side.

Saturday we had our new "regular" season ticket seats. We are in the 5th row now! It's so close. We took the time to walk around all of the new attractions in the outfield before the game. Including the merry go round. You can also walk right up to the fountains now, and circle the entire stadium in a 360.

We also found out we have our own concessions and bathroom area just for lower section of seats. It is nice not to have to wait in line. Especially when you're potty training a 2 year old and spend a lot of time in the big family bathroom. The kids did great both games. We left a little early Saturday to go home and color eggs for the EB.

09 April 2009

To Boston and Back

This week I flew to Boston and back for a work meeting. My original flight from Chicago to KC got cancelled because the plane was damaged. Luckily there was another plane we were able to get on.

My dad lost his job today.

Tomorrow is Royals opening day and I'm off. 3pm Friday game against the Yankees with the stadium remodeled. We have tickets Saturday too. And our seats are better this year.

I've been working 40 hours a week.

Anna picked the same cake for her birthday this year that she picked two years ago. Barbie fairies.

I've run something like 12 out of the last 14 days. 2 miles a day. I had only lost 2 pounds until I barely ate in Boston because we were so busy. Then I lost 3 more. Finally some progress. I even ran in Boston at the hotel. Turns out my coffee and salads diet really works.

I read my first book in 5 years during all my time at the airport. "The Strong-Willed Child". I think Carter isn't so bad. And I learned it's ok to spank to make them stay in time-out. Hey, I did something right. However, I don't believe in his theory that MTV is the cause of most adolescents problems. And it had a little too much about God in it for me.

The PCD were better than Britney, I hate to admit. She's back with K-Fed, wha?

Lewis is the new kid in Anna's class who I have decided got kicked out of Creative World for his bad behavior. He put a pillow over Anna's face and jumped on her. Or so she said. I called the teacher today.

They daycare is closed on Good Friday. My CEO and I pondered why it is called Good Friay when it wasn't good at all.

Kevin was great holding down the fort while I was gone. He said the kids didn't cry once.

When I woke Carter up this morning the first words out of his mouth
"Mommy go meeting?"
- Yes mommy went to a meeting
"Mommy go on airplane?"
- Yes mommy went on an airplane

He remembered. It was so cute. Anna drew me a picture of how much she loves me. Also very cute. It's good to be loved when you come home.

01 April 2009

April 2nd - Day of Britney!

It's finally here! Wooo wooo!

Our DAY OF BRITNEY is planned and starts at 8:30 am including

mochas of course how else would we start?
nail polish change - this may be the best kept secret. did you know you can get a new polish for only $7!? if your cuticles are still good this is awesome.
spray tan
shopping for britney concert attire starting at molly jayne's in downtown lee's summit and on to a boutique closer to home.
on to get my hair highlighted and cut and luckily heather also cuts candi's hair so it will be a girls hangout
lunch at the ingredient
home to change and get hot!
on to the P&L to pre-party and dinner
doors open at 6 - get settled, tshirt purchase etc.
pussycat dolls go on at 7
then circus!!

we aren't type a are we that we have this planned by the hour? whatever it's going to be the best day!!

interesting that it appears videos and cameras are allowed and then you can upload and post your experience to buzznet that also get picked up on her site. so much for "no cameras" we are hoping! cross fingers!

one of my coordinators saw her tour bus coming into town today! it's hot pink.