16 April 2009

I have to wear a swimsuit on Saturday. Yikes.

5:30 am is officially my new start time. So for about the last six weeks I have committed to getting up and exercising in the morning, to begin my day. I have been really good about sticking to this. Here was this week's schedule so far, for example

Sunday 4 mile run outside
Monday 5 min walk 25 min run treadmill
Tuesday 10 min walk 20 min run treadmill
Wednesday 3.5 mile run outside
Thursday 4 mile run outside
Friday Plan to get another 3-4 miles outside

So 6 weeks of pretty consistent exercising. I started my weight at 136 and am currently at 132. 4 down 9 to go.

Goal: 123 and to wear a bikini I wore 3 years ago but haven't been able to wear since at the annual 4th of July pool party. Why 123? Well apparently I'm supposed to weigh 118 so I figure I can be 5 pounds overweight and still look good.

I want to see some results so that's why I decided to up it to 4 miles a day rather than the 2 I can get in on the treadmill in 30 min. More than 30 min on the treadmill seems rather long to me.

If this doesn't start to produce results I think I will need to add some sort of weight training/lifting at the community center nearby. Speaking of which, we're going to a pool party for one of the girls in Anna's class at the community center on Saturday. Which means I have to wear a swimsuit. Scary. I mean really, no one wants to see that.

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Stephanie said...

hello...I am waiting to hear how the bathing suit went.......