09 April 2009

To Boston and Back

This week I flew to Boston and back for a work meeting. My original flight from Chicago to KC got cancelled because the plane was damaged. Luckily there was another plane we were able to get on.

My dad lost his job today.

Tomorrow is Royals opening day and I'm off. 3pm Friday game against the Yankees with the stadium remodeled. We have tickets Saturday too. And our seats are better this year.

I've been working 40 hours a week.

Anna picked the same cake for her birthday this year that she picked two years ago. Barbie fairies.

I've run something like 12 out of the last 14 days. 2 miles a day. I had only lost 2 pounds until I barely ate in Boston because we were so busy. Then I lost 3 more. Finally some progress. I even ran in Boston at the hotel. Turns out my coffee and salads diet really works.

I read my first book in 5 years during all my time at the airport. "The Strong-Willed Child". I think Carter isn't so bad. And I learned it's ok to spank to make them stay in time-out. Hey, I did something right. However, I don't believe in his theory that MTV is the cause of most adolescents problems. And it had a little too much about God in it for me.

The PCD were better than Britney, I hate to admit. She's back with K-Fed, wha?

Lewis is the new kid in Anna's class who I have decided got kicked out of Creative World for his bad behavior. He put a pillow over Anna's face and jumped on her. Or so she said. I called the teacher today.

They daycare is closed on Good Friday. My CEO and I pondered why it is called Good Friay when it wasn't good at all.

Kevin was great holding down the fort while I was gone. He said the kids didn't cry once.

When I woke Carter up this morning the first words out of his mouth
"Mommy go meeting?"
- Yes mommy went to a meeting
"Mommy go on airplane?"
- Yes mommy went on an airplane

He remembered. It was so cute. Anna drew me a picture of how much she loves me. Also very cute. It's good to be loved when you come home.

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