12 April 2009

Royals Opening Weekend

Friday afternoon was Royals opening day. We took the kids. Our seats were down on the lower section right field side.

Saturday we had our new "regular" season ticket seats. We are in the 5th row now! It's so close. We took the time to walk around all of the new attractions in the outfield before the game. Including the merry go round. You can also walk right up to the fountains now, and circle the entire stadium in a 360.

We also found out we have our own concessions and bathroom area just for lower section of seats. It is nice not to have to wait in line. Especially when you're potty training a 2 year old and spend a lot of time in the big family bathroom. The kids did great both games. We left a little early Saturday to go home and color eggs for the EB.

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