28 September 2007

Hello from Key West!

Day One was a great success. First off, I didn't throw up on the airplane.

We arrived and after checking in at our awesome resort with beach front view...

...we headed to the local store to get a few items. Then around the corner to the liquor store. There was a bar attached to the liquor store and I saw the "2for1" sign so we headed in. We had an awesome bartender and met another guy, not sure if
he was the owner, named Dino from Sicily.

These pictures are on Candi's camera. Might get posted later.

I laughed so hard about something I can't remember that I cried. Then we decided we should eat something, I believe Candi kept saying "let's get some shrimps."

We wandered around looking for place where Sam and Candi had eaten last time but we finally decided it had been bulldozed and we ate at another beachfront cafe that had the worst service ever.

We then wandered back to the hotel...

...and swam in the pool. It was like our own private pool because no one else was in it. Then we headed back and played some drunk Settlers of Catan.

I remembed when I woke up this morning that I won!

And now we're waiting for our room service. Yum.

24 September 2007

The Storm Before the Calm

My life is crazy right now. I am getting ready to leave for a much-needed vacation with my hubby and our best friends. BUT immediately following the vacation I am going to a conference for work, where I am speaking for 10 minutes about email marketing. So I am trying to get everything ready at the office for my departure, get the house ready for my mother-in-law to watch the kids, and pack for a vacation AND a work conference. I am flying directly from vacation to the conference. Not ideal I know, but what can I say, I didn't do it on purpose and there's not much to do about it now. So I must just get my sh*t together so I can relax on the beach drinking pina colads and not be stressing about the work thing.

My biggest fret at this point: What to wear while I'm speaking at the conference. Typical girl I guess.

Today was a Venti Starbucks day and I didn't get everything accomplished that I'd hoped so tomorrow looks to be more of the same.

22 September 2007

Bad Dog

Well, bad things keep happening to me. This morning we lost Sonar, my dog. the one who eats toilet paper and kleenex but doesn't eat sheetrock. I've let the batteries die on the invisbile fence collar and he's been getting more and more adventurous. I've been finding him a few houses up or in the neighbor's garage but this morning we called and called for him and nothing.

We went ahead and went to the parade thinking he'd be on the deck or sun bathing in the driveway when we got back. Still missing.

It had been three hours. He had his tags on so I kept hoping someone would call saying they had found him. I decided we should go out driving to look for him... and to make sure he hadn't been hit by a car.

No luck. When we got back there was a message on the machine. He was at the thrift shop at the retirement community a little ways behind our subdivision. We headed up to pick him up. They were having a big furniture sale and said he'd been hanging out there all morning. They gave him water and had taken him inside. I think he was probably excited to have some attention.

With that dilemma solved we headed down to meet my friend Candi at the Plaza Art Fair. Anna had a lot of fun decorating a crown and painting a picture.

Then we had fun shopping at this adorable kids boutique.

21 September 2007

Bad Carma

I had a small fender bender in the parking lot at work as I was leaving today. Apparently I am having bad car karma.

20 September 2007

Busy People

Today was my day off, and as usual, lots of plans and most of them actually got done today.

Started off taking the car to the dealership for them to fix a handle on my car while it is still under warranty.

Got a speeding ticket on the way. Oops. Will have to get that taken care of.

While they fixed the car we met my mom for breakfast.

Then Anna and I had a girls afternoon with my friend Candi and we got pedicures. Took Sonar to get a vaccination so he can be boarded next week. My parents came over for dinner. I made fajitas. Then we went up to the Festival in the Park to see if the kids won anything from the baby contest.

We just missed Carter's age division. He won second place!

Anna won Best Play Outfit.

Then we walked around the carnival...

...and Anna rode a ride.

Then they had a cake and ice cream social.

Good day off. Except for that damn speeding ticket.

19 September 2007

Last Game

Tonight was our last Royals game for our season tickets. They lost, but it was worth going for one more bratwurst and frosty malt.

18 September 2007

Anna's Job

This week Anna's job is the teacher's helper. Apparently this means she gets to "count the kids."

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, I-didn't-count-colby-because-he-was-getting-his-picture-taken, 15, 16..."

Dancing Queen

Tonight Anna started back to dance. Last spring after she turned three I started her at Steppin Out. In June when the recital rolled around and I found out it was a three-day-event I decided maybe this studio was a little too hard core for her, ahem, I mean me. We skipped the entire recital weekend even though I had already paid for the costume. As Kevin said, you don't need to chase bad money with more bad money.

So tonight we started at a dance place closer to us. Upon arrival we found out they are cancelling the class on Tuesdays because there has only been one other girl, so we'll be moving to Saturday mornings.

Afterwards Anna said "That was fun. Can I go again and again and again?"
Yes Anna.

Then later...
"What are we doing tomorrow?"
Tomorrow you go to school.
"But I want to go to dance, you said I could go again!"

And as she followed Kevin into her bedroom for her books before bed I saw her prancing behind him on her tippy-toes, doing her ballerina steps.

So cute.

I am promising myself to take more pictures of "events" like this, she was so adorable in her little dance outfit.

17 September 2007


For the past six months my husband has been working on a request of mine. I have wanted a new entertainment center for our upstairs living area for quite awhile. We have been using an old particle board piece of furniture that I got way back when I lived in apartment by myself.

So I requested this beautiful piece from Pottery Barn.

The results?

It is AMAZING. I LOVE IT. And I love my husband for making it. Very cool and thank you baby!

Of course now he says we need a new tv, receiver and speakers, ha! I of course plan to put some decorative items on the shelves and storage for kids toys. More pics to come later.

Today Anna Said...

When I tried to help Anna draw an A (at her request) and then apparently I did it wrong because I made a big A not a capital A, forget trying to explain that these are the same thing, she said in her sassy/grumpy voice

"I don't like you doing my things. I like you doing your things."

Then randomly

"When is Easter gonna be up?"

And a few minutes later...

"I need to do some work." Work said emphatically like Fergie - make you work work make you work.

16 September 2007

New Web Site

Wow, Two Peas has a new site. Much improved! Looks like there are lots of neat features for social scrapbooking.

Problem, I created a trouble ticket for the last order I received because one of the products said it was 12 sheets of something and I only got 1 sheet. Now, I can't find the place to view and track trouble tickets on the new site.

But kudos on the new design and functionality!

Look at the fuzz on a baby's ear

I read this quote today and wanted to share it with you. I think it is appropriate, since my blog is titled "The Little Things In Life."

"Consider the lilies of the field. Look at the fuzz on a baby's ear. Read in the backyard with the sun on your face. Learn to be happy. And think of life as a terminal illness because if you do you will live it with joy and passion, as it ought to be lived. " - Anna Quindlen

Yesterday Carter ate macaroni cheese for lunch and pulled pork for dinner. He is loving "real food" and doing surprisingly well considering he barely has two teeth in the front.

Today there is a "baby contest" in our city. The judging is today and the winners are announced on Thursday night which is part of the kick off for the fall festival. I don't even know what the prizes are, it doesn't even say on the entry forms, but that's ok. It is really more for fun and they have fun awards for things like "Best Smile" "Best Playoutfit" "Prettiest Eyes" etc. I've always wanted to check this out since we moved here but this will be the first year we've ever gone (to either the contest or the festival). Should be fun!

P.S. Car turned out to be an electrical thing. And that is my loose interpretation of what they told me.

13 September 2007


On Tuesday night we went to the Royals game. In honor of veterans night and September 11th there was a big fireworks show after the game. Even though it was a long game (including two pitching changes in the 9th) we stayed to watch the show. It was worth it.

Very Important Job

Anna is in a new room at daycare now that it is fall. In this room they have a job each week.

Last week she was the very coveted Line Leader.

This week she is the Soap Squirter.

Apparently before lunch she gets to call each kid's name and they come to her for their squirt of soap before they wash their hands.

Too cute.


Anna and I gave each other raspberries on our stomachs with the craziest farty noises tonight before bath time. We laughed so hard we cried.


Tonight as I'm making up a story to a Mickey Mouse picture book I said in reference to Daisy "... and here she went shopping!"

And Anna said "She bought a monkey!"

I did a double take and laughed out loud. A monkey!? No idea where that came from.

One of Those Days

So today was my day off. And as usual I had many possibilities of what to do swirling in my head and thinking "I'm overly optimistic I will get to all of these, but what the hell."

First up, pick up house for maids to come.

Next, shower and ready to go out the door. Planning to head to a coffee shop to drink warm coffee, sit outside and enjoy the 70 degree no humid weather and work on a website my dad volunteered me to do that is beyond his expected completion date.

Pulling out of garage, call mom to see what she is doing for lunch since I realize it is 11 and I am starving since I haven't eated. She's taking lunch to a friend who's hosting a garage sale, would I want to meet her? Sure, sounds good. What? It's hard to get to her house? Ok, let's meet at XYZ. Ok good. I go to XYZ and arrive before her so I sit in the parking lot and make a few phone calls. Mom pulls up and I pull behind her. Sit at stop sign. Mom goes. I pull ahead. I hit the gas. Nothing.

Message in the display reads "Brake Failure" and the ABS! light comes on (I swear it had an exclamation point). This is weird. I try to put it in park. It won't go. The car dies. Uh, start to panic slightly. Turn on hazards. Car will now go into park. Ok. Try to restart car.

Message in the display reads something about an "Immobilizer." Car dies again. Crap. Call mom, come back to get me, my car is dead.

Try to call Volvo Roadside Assistance. Wait on hold for 10 minutes. Hang up. Call Volvo dealership, get number for towing service. 45 minutes later car towed. Visited mom's friend with garage sale, etc. go to dealership.

Yea, still under warranty (I think I have 800 miles left or so) whew. This means I get a loaner. Yea! But still a pain in the ass. What in the world is wrong with my car? Hope to find out tomorrow.

Stopped by the house around 4:30 and notice the maids have done a HORRIBLE job. Oh wait, they haven't even come. Weird message on the machine says they couldn't get in with the key. I call and leave a message that the locks haven't changed. Try again tomorrow.

And guess what. All those things I hoped to do today. I did maybe one or two. But I did get to enjoy lunch AND dinner with my parents.


Today Tassie went hunting for the first time this season.

12 September 2007


Today was G-O-R-G, E (hum), OUS outside (say this to the tune of Fergie's Glamorous. we're all better spellers because of her right?). It was 76 and not a cloud in the sky. The kind of day when I think, why am I working!?

I don't know about you, but this weather makes me feel


I have a lot of "projects" in various stages. Some have been left on hold for too long. I'm getting inspired to pick these back up and GET CREATIVE again.

And even better - new producs I ordered from Two Peas arrived today. I got these cute stamps and this. I also got these and these adorable stickers both of which will be perfect for an album I am working on for crafts Anna brings home from school. I got the idea from Ali Edwards who posted a link to this project.

Since I'm off tomorrow I hope to dig into some of this fun at least a little bit.

"The Dress"

Here's a few photos of the dress I wore to our gala event last Friday night. It's a Jessica McClintock dress and, if you know me, is perfect since it has polka dots.

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Carter was officially moved to his new room at daycare and one of the caretakers in his room was insisting to Kevin that he needed socks and shoes in her room. He is just 9 months old but has been moved to the room which is mostly 1 year olds who are walking. When Kevin inquired why he needed shoes she said something about him being outside and his feet not getting all scratched up. I talked to the owner of the daycare and was assured they are watching the kids closely outside (I am concerned about him eating wood chips on the playground, since he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth as most 9 month olds do) and wondered why his feet would be scratched, he shouldn't really be outside if he's just crawling all over concrete.

Long story short, the owner finally explained to Linda that "if the parents don't want to send shoes they don't have to send shoes."

And then today he came home with a big hole in one of his socks. Apparently it is really rough in the 1 year old room now!

Don't get me wrong, I really like our daycare and I think they take great care of the kids overall, teaching them curriculum in all rooms. But seriously - he's 9 months old. He doesn't really need to be crawling around outside if he's not in the grass.


Today Tassie Ate:
Something made of foam left on a shelf in her lock down area

10 September 2007

It's Britney B*tch

So by now I'm sure you've all seen the performance by Britney on the VMAs. I thought she definitely looked drunk, or something, since she almost fell over twice at the beginning and looked afraid to move very fast.

BUT, I thought her body looked hot. Sure, she looks bad when the paparazzi captures her cellulite on film but I thought her stomach looked awesome last night, especially for having had two kids within two years.

As a die-hard Britney fan I'm still holding out for a comeback. I've heard four previously unreleased tracks possibly from her upcoming album and they're pretty good. Not sure if they're going to be on the new album. They might be leftover songs from previous recordings, you know, when she wasn't f*d up. Everyone keeps writing about how this is just contributing to her downfall but people were paying $250 a ticket to see her perform for 15 min just a few months ago, so I'm pretty sure the album will sell.

But what can you say, It's Britney Bitch. And Gimme More is my new ring tone. Sorry Kelly.

Tassie is Grounded

For this:

09 September 2007

Short and Sweet


I caught Carter eating dogfood.

I caught Anna with the plunger in the toilet.

Tassie Ate:

a book about strokes
a card game from build a bear
other paperapelia shredded beyond recognition

08 September 2007

Sexy High Heels

After a great evening at a black tie gala where Hootie and the Blowfish was the headliner, yes you read that right, I got to sleep in since the kiddos had a slumber party with grandma and papa. I know it was a good night because my feet hurt from those sexy high heels.

This is a fun event that we get to go to because of my work. We do the web site as an in-kind donation and therefore we get free tickets. I didn't take my camera but I'll get some pics from my co-workers on Monday. DElicious food and top shelf open bar. Plus my hubby looks hot in a suit and tie. Good times.

After I picked up the kids we headed to the mall to get a gift for my friend Kim's new baby Carson. We didn't find what I was looking for for him, but we did find the Macy's One Day 50% off baby sale and some good deals at Baby Gap. Um, yea! We got some cute stuff for Carter, which is hard to do. They just don't make clothes as cute for boys as they do for girls. I even got some baby gap swimming trunks for him for next summer for $2.97. And I love the Baby Greendog brand they have at Macy's. Super cute stuff.

The kids were shopping angels today. Another mom even overheard Anna say "May I have some too please?" wanting some of Carter's cereal stars. I was so proud of her manners. The other mom was very impressed.

Kevin's quote of the night:
"My dog smiles with her tail"

Yesterday Tassie Ate:
one binky
one binky clip
chopper shopper card
fringe from a pillow from the couch
a magazine

06 September 2007

Girl Time

After weeks of girl withrdrawal from one of my best friends Candi - no she's not a stripper - because of family shtuff and sick kids - we finally caught up today. Complete with mexican for lunch and margaritas to boot. We missed each other so much that we also all had dinner together. They have more family stuff tomorrow and Sat so we might not see them until Sunday. This is very unusual for us because we have a weekly ritual of going out to dinner every Friday night. This ritual has not happened for weeks, but I'm sure we'll get back into it, you know, just like sweeps is coming up and everyone gets back in to watching tv after a summer hiatus.

Speaking of TV I just realized that I completely missed the Big Brother espisode tonight and am DYING to know who got voted out. BUT DON'T TELL ME. I think actually two people were going to be sent home. TIVO has it waiting for me I'm sure, but we have plans tomorrow night which means I won't know until Saturday. I am such a dork. I haven't watched BB since season 1 and for some reason I am totally sucked in this season.

Today Tassie Ate:
a yellow highlighter

05 September 2007

A purple raspberry

Anna eating blackberry yogurt...

"Look mommy" pointing with her finger inside her mouth "a purple raspberry."

Me: "It's a blackberry."

Anna: "No. It's not."

Me: "Yes it's a blackberry, not a raspberry."

Anna: "Stop saying black or I'm going to say purple again."

I can't help but laugh out loud. "Ok Anna."

And I also thought this was cute:

"Can I have some milk to go with my food?"

04 September 2007

Strike Two

Merry Maids came today with a plumber to fix the sink they broke about 6 weeks ago. Guess what. The plumber bought the wrong sink. More waiting.

03 September 2007

Hide and Seek and Giggles / Great Success


Anna and I got into quite the game of hide and seek. The kitchen was "home base" and you only have to count to 10. Then of course "ready or not, here I come!" She likes to peek between her fingers when she starts at one and I would turn around each time and say "No peeking!" and she would giggle and giggle and giggle and do it all over again. Finally, about the fifth time she would make it two and go on without peeking.

I hid here:

And here:

Behind the curtains.
In the dog room.
In the laundry room.
On the side of the bed.
Behind the dining room curtains.
In the basement.
In the shower.
Behind doors.

And when you find the other person you have to say "BOOGA BOOGA!" and then of course, more giggling.

After probably an hour we decided daddy should play too. So we went downstairs and begged him to come play. He drug himself away from the xbox and we began to count while he hid.

Then we heard an "uh oh" and this had happened.

Needless to say, that was the end of hide and seek. But it was fun while it lasted.



I fed 12 bags of insulation into a machine - and babysat two kids outside - while Kevin blew it into the attic today and sweated buckets. I think we picked the hottest day in the past week to do this. Our master bedroom gets really hot and we thought more insulation would help keep it cooler. It seems to be helping the upstairs but our room is still hot. So next we're going to add curtains (in addition to the blinds) to our room.

This insulation blowing (unexpected task) delayed my shopping trip (planned task). But I did manage to leave the house around 2:30. I was successful in purchasing a cute dress for a gala we are attending this Friday night.

Now, back up, I was able to get a dress that I already have zipped last night when I tried it on, and I thought, well, if I don't eat all week I could probably wear this. But the more I thought about it the more I thought I looked three months pregnant in it. Which is true. That is about how much I still weigh, 9 months post baby #2. And those of you who have been pregos know that the 3 months pregnant look isn't that great. You really just look fat. Your regular clothes don't fit and maternity clothes are too big.

So I set out on a quest to find a new dress today. With two kids. Without naps. Dangerous I know. It went remarkably well. I must say I make shopping decisions much faster now that I have two children. Back in the day I would have gone to five stores and then gone back to make the "best" purchase.

Today I went to White House Black Market, tried on 3 dresses. Goldfish snack. Make bottle. In stroller, out of stroller, back in stroller. Carter stop touching the dresses. Tried to get the staff to help me. They weren't really intersted in the mom of two with snacks in their store. They tolerated me. I put a dress on hold just in case and left. Stop for ice cream to keep three year old happy. Smoothie for mom too. Full tummies, off to Macy's. Tried on 3 dresses. Make purchase. Leave. Done. Great Success!

Pictures will come this weekend.


Tassie hasn't been eating as much. We've been locking her up in the mudroom. Now don't get me wrong. She has been known to eat stuff in there. Like the wall. And the door. But so far she is behaving herself in there.

Kevin had to take my car today (long story) and calls to give me a hard time because it has no gas. As I'm talking on the phone Anna takes me to show me where Tassie threw up all over. We decide we're even and say goodbye.

02 September 2007

Mini Cheerleader

Saturday we went to my a family gathering because my cousin Audra is in town for the weekend. Anna did cheerleading with Emily for the family volleyball game. They were the "crystals" so the cheer was something about sparkling. I showed them how to do spirit fingers. Super cute.

01 September 2007

Scanning help

Found more great pics at my grandma's the other day. Especially one of my grandma and my grandpa in a photo booth - one of those tiny square photos - and they have these giddy smiles on their faces. So cute.

Last time I had a stack of photos I went to Ritz camera and had them scanned. They charged me $2 a scan. I am such an idiot. It is so much cheaper to buy my own scanner. I have one from when I had my own web business but after we moved 3 years ago and I pulled it out I was missing the power cord. After finally purchasing one on the HP site and waiting for it to come I plugged it in only to find it won't power on. After IM support with HP I was told to take it to a Radio Shack. Well then I lost the power cord again (you understand if you've seen our "office" in our bedroom. this is on the to-do list to clean up. maybe with the long weekend I can get started on it). Anyway, I think I finally found the power cord so we'll see if Radio Shack can fix it for less than buying a new one.

But I don't understand why they still don't make a scanner that scans 12x12 - standard scrapbook page size. There are millions of scrapbookers and I think all of these people take their pages to the local scrapbook store to have them scanned, or have to scan the page in two parts and then piece them together in photoshop to post their layout online.

Does anyone know if there is a scanner than will take 12x12 pages?

Big Day

It's a Big Day around here! Carter's first tooth finally poked through on the bottom in front this morning. This has been about four months in the making. Anna had about four teeth by 9 months. He can soak a bib in an hour from all the drool and he of course chews on everything.

It's a beautiful day here so we have already trekked on a long walk to enjoy the outdoors for an hour and 15 min. "I spyed" a woman cleaning her car, a huge garage sale and lots of lazy kitty cats. (is it weird that kitty is spelled with a k and cat is spelled with a c?)

Carter is 9 months now. He has is checkup on Thursday and he here's the stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 10 oz. Everyone always says how huge he is but this puts him at ALMOST 50th percentile.

Length: I think they said he was 24 1/2 inches long which put him just over 50th percentile for height.

Head size: I think they said 18 or 18 1/2 inches. He is still 90th percentile for head size, what can I say, he's a smart kid just like his sister.

Not sure how this compares to Annika, for some reason I don't have her 9 month stats in her scrapbook.


Friday Tassie Ate:
The leather off of a baseball and part of the ball inside
1 magazine

Today Tassie has already eaten:
1 ball from the ball pit
1 magazine page