12 September 2007

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Carter was officially moved to his new room at daycare and one of the caretakers in his room was insisting to Kevin that he needed socks and shoes in her room. He is just 9 months old but has been moved to the room which is mostly 1 year olds who are walking. When Kevin inquired why he needed shoes she said something about him being outside and his feet not getting all scratched up. I talked to the owner of the daycare and was assured they are watching the kids closely outside (I am concerned about him eating wood chips on the playground, since he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth as most 9 month olds do) and wondered why his feet would be scratched, he shouldn't really be outside if he's just crawling all over concrete.

Long story short, the owner finally explained to Linda that "if the parents don't want to send shoes they don't have to send shoes."

And then today he came home with a big hole in one of his socks. Apparently it is really rough in the 1 year old room now!

Don't get me wrong, I really like our daycare and I think they take great care of the kids overall, teaching them curriculum in all rooms. But seriously - he's 9 months old. He doesn't really need to be crawling around outside if he's not in the grass.


Today Tassie Ate:
Something made of foam left on a shelf in her lock down area

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