03 September 2007

Hide and Seek and Giggles / Great Success


Anna and I got into quite the game of hide and seek. The kitchen was "home base" and you only have to count to 10. Then of course "ready or not, here I come!" She likes to peek between her fingers when she starts at one and I would turn around each time and say "No peeking!" and she would giggle and giggle and giggle and do it all over again. Finally, about the fifth time she would make it two and go on without peeking.

I hid here:

And here:

Behind the curtains.
In the dog room.
In the laundry room.
On the side of the bed.
Behind the dining room curtains.
In the basement.
In the shower.
Behind doors.

And when you find the other person you have to say "BOOGA BOOGA!" and then of course, more giggling.

After probably an hour we decided daddy should play too. So we went downstairs and begged him to come play. He drug himself away from the xbox and we began to count while he hid.

Then we heard an "uh oh" and this had happened.

Needless to say, that was the end of hide and seek. But it was fun while it lasted.



I fed 12 bags of insulation into a machine - and babysat two kids outside - while Kevin blew it into the attic today and sweated buckets. I think we picked the hottest day in the past week to do this. Our master bedroom gets really hot and we thought more insulation would help keep it cooler. It seems to be helping the upstairs but our room is still hot. So next we're going to add curtains (in addition to the blinds) to our room.

This insulation blowing (unexpected task) delayed my shopping trip (planned task). But I did manage to leave the house around 2:30. I was successful in purchasing a cute dress for a gala we are attending this Friday night.

Now, back up, I was able to get a dress that I already have zipped last night when I tried it on, and I thought, well, if I don't eat all week I could probably wear this. But the more I thought about it the more I thought I looked three months pregnant in it. Which is true. That is about how much I still weigh, 9 months post baby #2. And those of you who have been pregos know that the 3 months pregnant look isn't that great. You really just look fat. Your regular clothes don't fit and maternity clothes are too big.

So I set out on a quest to find a new dress today. With two kids. Without naps. Dangerous I know. It went remarkably well. I must say I make shopping decisions much faster now that I have two children. Back in the day I would have gone to five stores and then gone back to make the "best" purchase.

Today I went to White House Black Market, tried on 3 dresses. Goldfish snack. Make bottle. In stroller, out of stroller, back in stroller. Carter stop touching the dresses. Tried to get the staff to help me. They weren't really intersted in the mom of two with snacks in their store. They tolerated me. I put a dress on hold just in case and left. Stop for ice cream to keep three year old happy. Smoothie for mom too. Full tummies, off to Macy's. Tried on 3 dresses. Make purchase. Leave. Done. Great Success!

Pictures will come this weekend.


Tassie hasn't been eating as much. We've been locking her up in the mudroom. Now don't get me wrong. She has been known to eat stuff in there. Like the wall. And the door. But so far she is behaving herself in there.

Kevin had to take my car today (long story) and calls to give me a hard time because it has no gas. As I'm talking on the phone Anna takes me to show me where Tassie threw up all over. We decide we're even and say goodbye.

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