08 September 2007

Sexy High Heels

After a great evening at a black tie gala where Hootie and the Blowfish was the headliner, yes you read that right, I got to sleep in since the kiddos had a slumber party with grandma and papa. I know it was a good night because my feet hurt from those sexy high heels.

This is a fun event that we get to go to because of my work. We do the web site as an in-kind donation and therefore we get free tickets. I didn't take my camera but I'll get some pics from my co-workers on Monday. DElicious food and top shelf open bar. Plus my hubby looks hot in a suit and tie. Good times.

After I picked up the kids we headed to the mall to get a gift for my friend Kim's new baby Carson. We didn't find what I was looking for for him, but we did find the Macy's One Day 50% off baby sale and some good deals at Baby Gap. Um, yea! We got some cute stuff for Carter, which is hard to do. They just don't make clothes as cute for boys as they do for girls. I even got some baby gap swimming trunks for him for next summer for $2.97. And I love the Baby Greendog brand they have at Macy's. Super cute stuff.

The kids were shopping angels today. Another mom even overheard Anna say "May I have some too please?" wanting some of Carter's cereal stars. I was so proud of her manners. The other mom was very impressed.

Kevin's quote of the night:
"My dog smiles with her tail"

Yesterday Tassie Ate:
one binky
one binky clip
chopper shopper card
fringe from a pillow from the couch
a magazine

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