18 September 2007

Dancing Queen

Tonight Anna started back to dance. Last spring after she turned three I started her at Steppin Out. In June when the recital rolled around and I found out it was a three-day-event I decided maybe this studio was a little too hard core for her, ahem, I mean me. We skipped the entire recital weekend even though I had already paid for the costume. As Kevin said, you don't need to chase bad money with more bad money.

So tonight we started at a dance place closer to us. Upon arrival we found out they are cancelling the class on Tuesdays because there has only been one other girl, so we'll be moving to Saturday mornings.

Afterwards Anna said "That was fun. Can I go again and again and again?"
Yes Anna.

Then later...
"What are we doing tomorrow?"
Tomorrow you go to school.
"But I want to go to dance, you said I could go again!"

And as she followed Kevin into her bedroom for her books before bed I saw her prancing behind him on her tippy-toes, doing her ballerina steps.

So cute.

I am promising myself to take more pictures of "events" like this, she was so adorable in her little dance outfit.

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