06 September 2007

Girl Time

After weeks of girl withrdrawal from one of my best friends Candi - no she's not a stripper - because of family shtuff and sick kids - we finally caught up today. Complete with mexican for lunch and margaritas to boot. We missed each other so much that we also all had dinner together. They have more family stuff tomorrow and Sat so we might not see them until Sunday. This is very unusual for us because we have a weekly ritual of going out to dinner every Friday night. This ritual has not happened for weeks, but I'm sure we'll get back into it, you know, just like sweeps is coming up and everyone gets back in to watching tv after a summer hiatus.

Speaking of TV I just realized that I completely missed the Big Brother espisode tonight and am DYING to know who got voted out. BUT DON'T TELL ME. I think actually two people were going to be sent home. TIVO has it waiting for me I'm sure, but we have plans tomorrow night which means I won't know until Saturday. I am such a dork. I haven't watched BB since season 1 and for some reason I am totally sucked in this season.

Today Tassie Ate:
a yellow highlighter

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