01 September 2007

Scanning help

Found more great pics at my grandma's the other day. Especially one of my grandma and my grandpa in a photo booth - one of those tiny square photos - and they have these giddy smiles on their faces. So cute.

Last time I had a stack of photos I went to Ritz camera and had them scanned. They charged me $2 a scan. I am such an idiot. It is so much cheaper to buy my own scanner. I have one from when I had my own web business but after we moved 3 years ago and I pulled it out I was missing the power cord. After finally purchasing one on the HP site and waiting for it to come I plugged it in only to find it won't power on. After IM support with HP I was told to take it to a Radio Shack. Well then I lost the power cord again (you understand if you've seen our "office" in our bedroom. this is on the to-do list to clean up. maybe with the long weekend I can get started on it). Anyway, I think I finally found the power cord so we'll see if Radio Shack can fix it for less than buying a new one.

But I don't understand why they still don't make a scanner that scans 12x12 - standard scrapbook page size. There are millions of scrapbookers and I think all of these people take their pages to the local scrapbook store to have them scanned, or have to scan the page in two parts and then piece them together in photoshop to post their layout online.

Does anyone know if there is a scanner than will take 12x12 pages?

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