13 September 2007

One of Those Days

So today was my day off. And as usual I had many possibilities of what to do swirling in my head and thinking "I'm overly optimistic I will get to all of these, but what the hell."

First up, pick up house for maids to come.

Next, shower and ready to go out the door. Planning to head to a coffee shop to drink warm coffee, sit outside and enjoy the 70 degree no humid weather and work on a website my dad volunteered me to do that is beyond his expected completion date.

Pulling out of garage, call mom to see what she is doing for lunch since I realize it is 11 and I am starving since I haven't eated. She's taking lunch to a friend who's hosting a garage sale, would I want to meet her? Sure, sounds good. What? It's hard to get to her house? Ok, let's meet at XYZ. Ok good. I go to XYZ and arrive before her so I sit in the parking lot and make a few phone calls. Mom pulls up and I pull behind her. Sit at stop sign. Mom goes. I pull ahead. I hit the gas. Nothing.

Message in the display reads "Brake Failure" and the ABS! light comes on (I swear it had an exclamation point). This is weird. I try to put it in park. It won't go. The car dies. Uh, start to panic slightly. Turn on hazards. Car will now go into park. Ok. Try to restart car.

Message in the display reads something about an "Immobilizer." Car dies again. Crap. Call mom, come back to get me, my car is dead.

Try to call Volvo Roadside Assistance. Wait on hold for 10 minutes. Hang up. Call Volvo dealership, get number for towing service. 45 minutes later car towed. Visited mom's friend with garage sale, etc. go to dealership.

Yea, still under warranty (I think I have 800 miles left or so) whew. This means I get a loaner. Yea! But still a pain in the ass. What in the world is wrong with my car? Hope to find out tomorrow.

Stopped by the house around 4:30 and notice the maids have done a HORRIBLE job. Oh wait, they haven't even come. Weird message on the machine says they couldn't get in with the key. I call and leave a message that the locks haven't changed. Try again tomorrow.

And guess what. All those things I hoped to do today. I did maybe one or two. But I did get to enjoy lunch AND dinner with my parents.


Today Tassie went hunting for the first time this season.

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