28 September 2007

Hello from Key West!

Day One was a great success. First off, I didn't throw up on the airplane.

We arrived and after checking in at our awesome resort with beach front view...

...we headed to the local store to get a few items. Then around the corner to the liquor store. There was a bar attached to the liquor store and I saw the "2for1" sign so we headed in. We had an awesome bartender and met another guy, not sure if
he was the owner, named Dino from Sicily.

These pictures are on Candi's camera. Might get posted later.

I laughed so hard about something I can't remember that I cried. Then we decided we should eat something, I believe Candi kept saying "let's get some shrimps."

We wandered around looking for place where Sam and Candi had eaten last time but we finally decided it had been bulldozed and we ate at another beachfront cafe that had the worst service ever.

We then wandered back to the hotel...

...and swam in the pool. It was like our own private pool because no one else was in it. Then we headed back and played some drunk Settlers of Catan.

I remembed when I woke up this morning that I won!

And now we're waiting for our room service. Yum.

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