20 September 2007

Busy People

Today was my day off, and as usual, lots of plans and most of them actually got done today.

Started off taking the car to the dealership for them to fix a handle on my car while it is still under warranty.

Got a speeding ticket on the way. Oops. Will have to get that taken care of.

While they fixed the car we met my mom for breakfast.

Then Anna and I had a girls afternoon with my friend Candi and we got pedicures. Took Sonar to get a vaccination so he can be boarded next week. My parents came over for dinner. I made fajitas. Then we went up to the Festival in the Park to see if the kids won anything from the baby contest.

We just missed Carter's age division. He won second place!

Anna won Best Play Outfit.

Then we walked around the carnival...

...and Anna rode a ride.

Then they had a cake and ice cream social.

Good day off. Except for that damn speeding ticket.

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