24 September 2007

The Storm Before the Calm

My life is crazy right now. I am getting ready to leave for a much-needed vacation with my hubby and our best friends. BUT immediately following the vacation I am going to a conference for work, where I am speaking for 10 minutes about email marketing. So I am trying to get everything ready at the office for my departure, get the house ready for my mother-in-law to watch the kids, and pack for a vacation AND a work conference. I am flying directly from vacation to the conference. Not ideal I know, but what can I say, I didn't do it on purpose and there's not much to do about it now. So I must just get my sh*t together so I can relax on the beach drinking pina colads and not be stressing about the work thing.

My biggest fret at this point: What to wear while I'm speaking at the conference. Typical girl I guess.

Today was a Venti Starbucks day and I didn't get everything accomplished that I'd hoped so tomorrow looks to be more of the same.

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