12 July 2010

We're planning a trip...

to Disney World! It's going to be the first family vacation since we went to Brian and Anna's wedding a few years ago in Nashville. Our BFFs are going with us of course! I'm way excited. I've been to Disney several times but Kevin has never been - he's only been to Disneyland which isn't exactly the same. Anna is dying to go. Originally we had told her we were going in August. I have not broken the news to her yet that it is not going to be August. She might be devastated for awhile but I think she is going to flip out when she sees all the princesses when we finally get there. Alex keeps saying he is going to "disney princess castle" even though he doesn't know when we are going.

Kevin and I decided to make it a surprise for the kids. Right now I'm thinking we wake them up and have them open a present that is Mickey Mouse ears/hat that they could wear on the airplane. We have not booked tickets yet but just a matter of days.

I'm ready for a vaca! Now - does anyone know if you can drink at Disneyworld? :)

Disney tips welcome - have you seen the million apps available? Everything from wait times (in real time) to maps to parade info. Which one to download? Hmmm.

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