03 May 2009

I was runnnnnning

Exercise this week...

Sunday 5 miles outside
Monday 2 miles treadmill
Tuesday 5 miles outside
Wednesday off (had to be at work early for presentation)
Thursday 5 miles outside
Friday 4 miles outside
Saturday 5 miles outside, new route
Sunday off, my legs were feeling a little sore

total: 26 miles

I need to get some new shoes. I finally lost one more pound. My clothes still fit the same even though I have lost 5 pounds.

Tassie and I saw a flock of baby geese one day that were scurrying to get away from her and into the pond but kept falling down in the grass. super cute and fuzzy

We also saw two bunnies one day. She saw them before me which almost resulted in her getting them. At times I almost can't control her.

We saw a loose schnauzer again one day. This little dog is crazy and bitey and a lady came out from another house and said I should complain about this dog and its owner. Clearly there is a neighborhood tiff going on but also clearly this dog runs around the neighborhood through everyone's yard and doesn't appear very friendly. Hence the new route on Saturday, plus I was getting a little bored.

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