21 May 2009

What Happened to My Sweet Anna?

Miss Anna is suddenly Miss Sassy.

One morning last week she was sassing me about something - around 6:30 am! and long before I've had any coffee - I told her... Anna, you don't have to agree with everything I say, and you can tell me you disagree, but you don't have to use that tone of voice.

And what did she say, without missing a beat...

In her sassiest voice with her head moving side to side...

Well sometimes when I say those things I'm just talking to myself.

Luckily I had the refrigerator door open to hide my laugh. How does she think this fast so early?

She also told Kevin "duh" in the car in response to something he said.

I'll have to start writing her stuff down cause I can't remember everything now but it's been chalk-full day after day this week.

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