22 May 2011

Turns out I don't run much without my BFF

My BFF and her hubby adopted a new baby recently. Kind of a big deal. I am thrilled for them. They have added the most adorable baby girl to their family.

BUT - this was a trainwreck for my workout. Turns out I don't run much if no one else is showing up at my house or expecting me to show up at their house to burn some calories at 5 am. I would set the alarm and then snooze and snooze and snooze until I would finally reset it to get up later. My husband loved it (not). One morning he said "Was it too not-rainy for you today?" I really had no excuse.

After three weeks of not running I was really grumpy and really tired all the time. One day at work someone said "Maybe you should have some more coffee." I was not fun to be around.

With the threat of wearing a swimsuit imminently upon me for an upcoming vacation, I finally dragged myself out of bed twice in the morning to go last week. The first day I stepped out I realized it was already somewhat light out. Completely different than just a month before. There was a bright full moon. When I finished the sun was coming up. Already I felt better. The next day I snoozed a little too long so I only went 4 miles instead of 5.5 but felt good to go two days in a row which I rarely do anyway.

These two runs allowed me to get in a longer run on Saturday yesterday. My BFF ran with me for the first three, then she headed back (she is easing back into routine from being gone) while I did some additional miles to get a total of 8 in. It was hot and humid.

So far I've been more awake and in a better mood. Turns out exercise may truly actually make you feel better. Who knew :)

So thank god my BFF is back! I need someone else to hold me accountable for getting up. Plus it's my therapy for the week to chat (and work) it all out.

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