12 June 2011

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!

Can you believe Kevin and I have been married 10 years?

My scanner isn't doing those pictures any justice. We look so young.

To celebrate we took a trip back to Kauai, which is where we went for our honeymoon.

When we went 10 years ago I lost my voice for the first time in my life. I had gotten sick a few days before the wedding. I accidentally threw my retainers away on the airplane. We stayed at the Sheraton at I remember sleeping a lot. We were exhausted. We took a helicopter trip around the island (I almost threw up), hiked to a hidden beach, and went to Wailua falls.

This time we did a lot more.

First, I should say, we flew to Hawaii for free. My awesome company gave me 2 roundtrip tickets for my five year anniversary (two years ago) of working there. It is supposed to be continental US but they were sweet enough to make an exception. Since we didn't pay for the air fare, Kevin surprised me by upgrading our tickets from Phoenix to Kauai to first class! I actually ended up sleeping a lot (we had gotten up at 3 am to leave). Did you know they use real silverware and dishes in first class? I got a hot meal - that was salmon with a glaze, rice and veggies. I apparently slept through the cheesecake. You get a pillow and a blanket. You get two trays to put stuff on. It really is a sweet deal.

We stayed at the Koa Kea - one of only two five star resorts on the island.

They upgraded us to an awesome suite.

And delivered champagne and flowers to our room.

We of course immediately headed to the beach. Kevin surprised me by giving himself a new wedding ring (he hasn't had one for two years when he lost it).

We saw a monk seal (endangered) on the beach.
View from our balcony.

The next day we drove to the north side of the island. Which required crossing many one lane bridges. Like this one.

We hiked a difficult trail .5 mile and then watch schools of dolphins swimming in the ocean, one of them doing flips in the air.

We did a lot throughout the week.

We went zip lining.

We went on innertubes down the old irrigation tunnels for the old sugar plantations (which don't exist anymore). Sorry no pics of this excursion.

We went kayaking and then hiked to the "secret" waterfall.

We went to Waimea Canyon.

We toured the Coffee Company.
We went to Spouting Horn.
We also snorkeled and I laid by the pool.
We ate at some of the most wonderful restaurants. And got a 50 minute couples massage. I also took a nap one day.

It's hard to complain about Hawaii but it did rain more than I remember, it was very, very windy and the traffic was worse than I remember.

Most people would agree that the worst part about Hawaii is leaving. But in our case that was especially true. Next up I'll tell you about our saga of trying to get home...

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