23 March 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I was on vacation for 4 days so sorry I didn't post anything. I took a vacation from the computer.

I ate a lot of crap on vacation. Here are just a few things I can think of
Sonic breakfast sandwich
chicken nachos
1/4 pounder with cheese and fries at McD
chicken alfredo spinach pizza
ruby tuesday's mini burgers and fries
sheridan's brownie bling pothole

So needless to say I gained back 2 of the 3 pounds I had lost. But I'm back on track as of yesterday. I took Tassie for a on hour run/walk but mostly run - 40 minutes. This morning I went over to Candi's and we walked 30 minutes. Oh on Saturday I did 10 sit ups and that was about all I could manage and my abs are still sore. very very sad. but true.


In other news someone has replaced my Carter with a devil child. On Thursday when I picked him up the daycare owner had a 20 min talk with me about his behavior. I am learning some new techniques. Apparently I need to learn love and logic and she gave me a book called "the new strong willed child." Carter is very strong willed. which i think is a nice way of saying stubborn, aggressive and likes to have his way. Add in potty training and he's a royal mess.

Hitting, "smacking" as they call it where he waves his arm at you as if he would hit you if you were close enough, saying NO a lot and - get this - spitting. He's very difficult and after the weekend I had I have with a complete meltdown in Target that reached new proportions of any temper tantrum I'd seen before I came to the conclusion I can no longer take him in public places until he gets his act together. He's been spending a lot more time sitting alone and I'm learning to make him do things on MY terms when he doesn't make the right choice.

That being said his teacher called me today and I think she has been part of the problem. So I had another chat with the daycare owner tonight to get his teacher on board. She has been inconsistent and let him win too many small battles in my mind. Long story short - I think he thinks he's in charge after what she told me today.

Potty training sucks ass. I cannot say this enough. I seriously might pay someone a lot of money if they can potty train my kid in less than a week. I define this as no more accidents during the day.

I currently have to wash his laundry every day now. I have to pack 6 pairs of underwear and 3 pairs of pants and shirts every day. And a new sheet and blanket. Every day. If I don't do the laundry every day then everything just smells like pee. Let me tell you there's nothing like opening up a grocery bag full of pee and poop soaked clothes at the end of a long hard day at work only to touch them and put them in the washing machine. bleh. I seriously do not get the concept of cloth diapers. i'm never really sure the "right" way to dispose of poop that is caked into clothing. on the bright side - daycare gets cheaper if they don't use diapers. and it's cheaper not to buy diapers.


Candi has a new DSLR camera and we documented our shopping extravaganza from Thursday. We left just as the sun was coming up to go to the outlet mall at the lake. When I get these pics I'll post. She also gave me a DVD for my birthday full of pics and videos of my kids that she's taken over the years. I can't wait to watch this and I hear there are some priceless ones that might need to get posted.

BTW - someone said they couldn't believe we were exercising at the ass crack of dawn but it's not even close to the crack of dawn when we exercise. It is still very very very dark and the sun doesn't come up until after I'm already back and had a shower. trust me.

Tomorrow is a 12 hour work day - Jeff had me enter us into a contest. Guess what. We won something. Now I have to go accept the award at a dinner. It's semi-formal but held after a day of a conference. WTF will these girls be wearing? I'm afraid I'll be over or underdressed.


Susan said...

I think Carter and Cameron are very similar. Cameron has been hitting and saying NO! when he gets mad- like I don't let him do something, take the remote away, etc. He gets really mad and just attacks with that right hand- "NO! NO! NO!"hitting me each time. He has never done this to Brian- only me and other kids at school. Sometimes I get the note "spent time in time out a lot for hitting" when I pick him up. Usually, it's tied to not feeling well or teething. At least I hope that's what is causing it!

Stephanie said...

Girl, GIVE UP POTTY training! he sounds like he is not ready! Don't add stress that you don't need! Boys train later than girls. Charlie will be 3 in a month and he is sooooooo not ready and I am not even trying until we move! I applaude you for even taking the time with your busy schedule! AND by the way I am so jealous of the shopping trip, can't wait to see pics

Carolyn said...

Carter and Jack sound alot like and you sound like me! I tried potty training him earlier because EVERYONE told me he should be potty trained by 2 1/2, but he was almost 3 before I could potty train him and then he did it in a day. I even managed to get him to poop by that weekend. He was finally ready. Of course it helped he had a potty chart and tons of incentives aka toys to help him get potty trained!