08 March 2009

Family Update

Anna had her first sleepover last night with a friend from daycare/school. They played really hard together. Coloring, Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, Little Mermaid, Babies and on. I let them stay up until almost 10 and then they crashed hard. They even slept through the hail storm at 5 am.

I'm trying potty training with Carter again. He did good after his nap yesterday keeping his underwear dry. It's just a matter of taking him to the bathroom every 20 minutes which I forget to do.

I'm trying to find and commit to an exercise plan with my friend Candi. We're going to hold each other accountable and we are going to be sending each other an email or text with everything we eat each day. As far as the exercise plan goes we've committed to mornings 3 days a week from 6-6:30. Hopefully it will warm up and we can walk outside. When the weather is not-so-nice we are working on a plan - perhaps the treadmill and elliptical in Candi's basement. If I can commit myself to driving over each morning. I'm also trying three new recipes this week.

Kevin ordered plans to build Carter a bed. That's his next big project. He also has apparently ordered me an incredible birthday present that I'm trying to figure out.

Role reversal in dog world at our house - Tassie gets to stay out in the house during the day and Sonar gets locked up. She only ate some kleenex one day and a happy meal toy watch. Other than that she's been good.

Sonar keeps peeing and crapping upstairs out of anger towards us for lack of attention I guess. Maybe he can join me for walks with Candi when we go outside. In the meantime he is not allowed to be in the house roaming during the day. So he's been staying outside.

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